Blog update: “Event final day in Harajuku(^^)”

Maimi wraps up the release events for “Kanashiki Amefuri/Adam to Eve no Dilemma” in her July 15th update titled “Event final day in Harajuku(^^)“. Full translation below.

Good afternoon
It’s Maimi

The release commemoration events for the July 10th release
“Kanashiki Amefuri/Adam to Eve no Dilemma”,

which we held on consecutive days prior to the release,
came to an end for the time being yesterday
at La Foret Museum Harajuku

A lot of people participated in these events over the 6 days

Thank you so very much


I heard that a lot of people were lined up outside the venue yesterday

It seems there were people who lined up in the heat since the morning,

and people who couldn’t get into the venue even thought they went through the trouble of lining up……

It made me think again “We’ve got to show everyone who has come to meet ℃-ute an even more fun time…

Since all of the release week events are finished, I’ll post the setlist here…〓

1. Adam to Eve no Dilemma

2. Midnight Temptation

3. Tokaikko Junjou/Dare ni mo Naisho no Koishiteru no (It changed each time)

4. Dance de Bakoon!

5. Kanashiki Amefuri

It was like that

A lo~t of girls came to the venue,

and it makes me really happy to know that we’re supported by both guys and girls…


Thank you very much

I’m also happy that so many people have listened to the new songs in the week that has passed since their release

I will continue to perform them with great care

Ah… That’s right…
Yesterday I hit myself in the lip with the mic…

And I got something that’s like a blood blister

I looked like a child who didn’t notice they had chocolate on their mouth, so the handshake event was a little embarassing…(/-\*)

When I went home,
my mom said “You’ve got something on your mouth(*”*)?”(*/□\*)

I hope it heals by the next time I meet everyone…

Well then, here are yesterday’s pictures

We had hamburgers for lunch

These hamburgers were American size(゜o゜)/

They were really, really big~\(◎o◎)/

I had a teriyaki burger, and it was really delicious

The meat was so tender~

And then, sweets we were given as treats



I became excited

I had the one with melon and strawberries

I really love fruit…
Thank you for the snack

After I got home and got out of the bath,
I really wanted to eat cherries…

“Ah~… It’d be awesome if there were cherries in the refrigerator right now……”

I hoped, and when I opened the refrigerator…



They’re here~~~~~♪ヽ(´▽`)/

Being able to eat what you want when you want to eat it is happiness…(*´д`*)

While thinking “Thank you to whoever bought these“…

Since it was before bed, I decided I’d stop at 3…

And I ate only 3

It was my first time eating Rainier cherries

They’re big and a somewhat yellow cherries…

After I ate 3…



Ah… just 1 more…[]∀・;)っ


…I gave in to temptation…(;´д`)

But they were really delicious


a picture with everyone after the handshake event


I received a lot of power from everyone at the handshake event

It’s only for a short time, but I’m really happy I can talk with everyone at the handshake events…

We had the chance to talk to everyone a lot during a group talk at our fan club bus tour,

and I’d like to do it again if we get the chance…



The 3 units born from the SATOUMI movement,

which Airi belongs to,

which Chisato and I belong to,

and “HI-FIN”
which Nacky and Mai belong to,

will release a CD&DVD


In addition
An Otodama concert for the SATOUMI movement has been decided

SATOUMI X OTODAMA 2013 ~Guest ni Berikyuu! Umi ni Shuugou!~”

Please be sure to come and hang out


And then,

there’s an additional performance of ℃-ute Day at Nippon Budoukan on September 9th…

And the deadline for fan club ticket applications are tomorrow

Those saying “Ah I forgot(°∇°;)”,
please hurry up and apply


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