“I My Me” navigator message for June 28th

Maimi has updated the navigator message on the “I My Me” website with a message of particular interest to readers of MaimiLog, especially those who participated in the Maimi Yajima 20th Birthday Project. In her message, Maimi looks ahead to her trip to France, and mentions an album filled with messages from overseas fans which she received. There’s no way to be certain without asking Maimi herself, but there’s a strong possibility that it’s the album with the messages all of us wrote for her! At any rate, to see what Maimi thought of the messages, hit the jump to see the full translation.

Today’s theme is “Let’s go! France!”
It’s almost time for ℃-ute’s first overseas event on July 5th.
I’m excited and nervous!

Recently the number of our fans overseas have increased,
and some have come to our events, concerts, handshake events, etc.,
but there are a lot of overseas fans who we can’t go and meet.

Earlier, a message album made by a lot of overseas fans arrived at my house with fan letters,
and it made me really happy thinking
“Aah, there are a lot of people like this cheering for us in places we don’t even know!”.

In those messages, “I want to meet someday” was written countless times,
and I strongly felt “I want to go and meet those overseas fans I haven’t yet too!”.

That wish will soon come true!

This time it’s France, but I want to do my best so I can go meet everyone in Team ℃-ute in a variety of countries from here on!

Everyone in Japan, we have to go far away for a little while,
but please cheer for us!

We’ll increase “Team ℃-ute” in France!

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