Blog update: “Tour final!!(・∀”

Maimi keeps it short and sweet in her June 29th update titled “Tour final(・∀“. Full translation below.

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Just now,
all of ℃-ute finished a photoshoot for “UTB+”,
which will go on sale July 23rd


Everyone had a party

We ate a lot of delicious things

It was a really fun photoshoot


And then today, June 29th,
is the ℃-ute tour final in Pacifico Yokohama〓

The tour which started on April 20th will finally be over today

℃-ute stayed at a hotel overnight,
and I was moved by the e-mails my mom and dad sent me this morning

The last time ℃-ute had a concert at Pacifico Yokohama was 5 years ago

When I stood on stage,
I got the impression
“This is a really big venue…

However… ℃-ute couldn’t fill the venue back then


Five years later…
It took a lot of time for us to get back here.

And then, we couldn’t fill the audience 5 years ago, but it’s a full house this time…

I’m really happy


Tomorrow is our 11th anniversary of entering showbusiness

Eleven years ago,
my heart was probably pounding thinking about the announcement of the results tomorrow

It was the last day of Yajima Maimi who wasn’t an idol…

I have deep feelings about it

I want to tell my younger self
“Eleven years from now,
you’ll be having your tour final in a large venue filled with a lot of people“(lol)

Everyone coming to Pacifico Yokohama,

everyone who can’t come…

I will stand on stage with my feelings of gratitude for everyone, e~veryone who supports us

I hope I can see a lot of happy smiles today…

I’ll exhaust all my power

I’m off(・∀・´)


The best-of album with a tracklist selected by the members to commemorate ℃-ute’s performance in Paris, France,

“℃-ute Cutie Selection ~A nos Amis de France!~”,

is exclusive to France, but a “PLAYBUTTON” with the same songs along with member comments will go on sale exclusively in Japan

■Sale date: 2013/6/29 (Sat)
■Sale venue: Pacifico Yokohama Kokuritsu Dai Hall, ℃-ute concert goods corner, starting around 1:00PM
■Price: ¥2500 (Including tax)
■Title: ℃-ute Cutie Selection 2013

Details are here

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