Blog update: “Sun’s warmth…ε= ヾ(*~▽~) ノ”

Maimi looks to the sky and gets dressed up with Nacky in her June 28th update titled “Sun’s warmth…ε= ヾ(*~▽~) ノ“. Full translation below.

Good morning
It’s Maimi


thank you so much for your warm comments

I always love team ℃-ute


The weather was really, really nice yesterday

When I left the house,
I felt “It’s summer(・∀・)”

The sky was really beautiful, so I pointed my camera to the sky and took a picture while walking

I thought “Now then What kind of picture did I take(^-^)” and went to look at the picture,

but the sun was so bright that the display screen looked pitch black…(;´д`)


I checked again when the conditions were better(  ̄▽ ̄)

And then…(*´ω`)

Two flying birds appeared in the picture


They were photographed by chance… It made me feel kind of HAPPY


Yesterday Nacky and I had a photoshoot for the September issue of “JUNON”,

which will go on sale July 23rd

Our outfits were dresses


There were a variety of dresses lined up in the room…

That room’s atmosphere was so cute, so cute…ヽ(´ー`)ノ

We kind of felt like princesses (lol)

During the interview,
we talked about our boyish and girlish points,

and then each other’s boyish and girlish points,

and also the other members’ boyish and girlish points

We analyzed the members’ boyish to girlish ratio

And we ranked the members based on their girlishness…

Being interviewed with Nacky was fun

In addition, Nacky attached pictures of them on her blog,
but we also received treats

Our hearts fluttered at the sight of the sweets

Also, the staff at JUNON were aware that I love blood orange juice

So they prepared some for me

I’m happy…(;_;)

They were both delicious

Thank you

Please be sure to check it out when it goes on sale

A picture on the way home

I love when the light of the setting sun is like this…

It feels like things become drowsy~
Laid back~

It’s like time starts flowing slower…


Let’s do our best today too


Until tomorrow’s update


The CM for “DVD Magazine Vol.33”,

which will go on sale tomorrow at ℃-ute’s concert at Pacifico Yokohama, has been uploaded

It’s video from backstage at the Shinsei Naru Pentagram tour

Please be sure to check it out


And then
The deadline for readers of the official ℃-ute blog to apply for tickets early for the “℃-ute Cutie LIVE 2013 summer~Queen Of OTODAMA~” event,

which will be held at OTODAMA SEA STUDIO (Kanagaawa) on August 1st,

is June 29th (Sat) at 11:00AM

Here’s the application URL

I’m waiting for a lot of people to participate

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