Blog update: “Thrust forward!!( ・ー・´)”

Maimi tackles a variety of jobs and gets passionate about ℃-ute in her June 27th update titled “Thrust forward( ・ー・´)“. Full translation below.

Good morning
It’s Maimi

We had a recording yesterday

During a conversation afterwards,
the directors and us talked about microphones

They told how there are a variety of microphones like 47 and 49,
and each has its own characteristics

And how the sounds will sound different in relation to the humidity

I felt like I learned something new



I appeared with Mai on the radio program “Ongakubito -ONGAKU-BEAT-“,

which will air on July 13th

The other members have appeared on the program, but it was my first time

The host Yamamoto Noboru-san often comes to ℃-ute’s concerts and plays,

and he talked objectively about our new songs and concerts a lot

Please be sure to check it out when it airs

And then, we had a photoshoot for “B.L.T.”


The day flew by

Now then, the finale of ℃-ute’s tour at Pacifico Yokohama is the day after tomorrow

When I think that we’ll be standing on that big stage for the first time in 5 years, I become so happy…

The staff at yesterday’s recording said

“I remember the time when ℃-ute couldn’t fill a venue at all… When I think that you’re now performing at Pacifico and Budoukan, it fills my chest with warmth

I’m really happy that we can delight the staff who a~lways supported us since that time without giving up on us


Those of us in ℃-ute love our jobs
It feels like it’s really worth doing
We’re proud to be idols

When I’m able to see a lot of people’s smiles, I think “Ah~ I’m happy I’m glad I stuck with it

The reason I’ve been able to continue doing something I enjoy like this is thanks to the support of

my family
The staff The members
And then,
every one of the fans


No one can live on their own…


How many times have the words of those who support me saved me during difficult times…

I thought “I’ll do my best because of those people“, and was able to look ahead

Therefore, I hate it when those who love ℃-ute feel sad, and I always, always want everyone I love to be smiling…

Because of that, ℃-ute has gotta keep running forward


Thank you for always believing in ℃-ute


I want to continue to stand on stage while carrying my feelings of gratitude(・v・´)

Pacifico Yokohama
Nippon Budoukan
……And the scenery after that, I want ℃-ute and team ℃-ute to see it together


Please continue to cheer for ℃-ute however you can


Well then
I’ll run swiftly today too

Until tomorrow’s update

I’m o~ff


The truetones for our songs coming out July 10th

“Kanashiki Amefuri/Adam to Eve no Dilemma”

can be downloaded on the following sites


■UpFront Chakushin Full

Please be sure to check them out

Lastly, off-shots from the photoshoot for each song’s cover…

“Kanashiki Amefuri”

“Adam to Eve no Dilemma”

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