Blog update: “Imminent birthday”

Maimi participated in a birthday event and wrote all about it in her June 18th update titled “Imminent birthday“. Full translation below.

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Yesterday in Osaka,
there was a birthday event for Chisato, whose birthday is on the 21st

Yaji appeared as a guest,

and countless days prior, I wondered “What kind of corners would Chisato enjoy” while thinking about corners,

and thought about what songs we’d sing together in the live corner, and the singing assignments


Until the performance arrived,
I worried
“Will Chisato and those who came enjoy it(°~°;)”,

but after it was over,
Chisato said “It was fun“, so I was really happy

There was a point where I got confused about how to assign points in a corner I thought of, and I became flustered

But I was saved by the at-home atmosphere(*´д`*)

I apologize

But feeling that close to the audience… It’s nice, as expectedヽ(´ー`)ノ

There were a lot of things we could only do in an event like this, so Yaji really enjoyed it


I hope everyone who participated enjoyed it as well…(〃ω〃)


At this event,
the contents of the 1st and 2nd performances were completely different

During the 1st performance,

there were corners I planned, as I wrote earlier,
and a Q&A corner

And then, a live corner

I’ll write the songs we sang together, which were

・SEXY BOY ~Soyokaze ni Yorisotte~ (Morning Musume)

・Koi-ing (Morning Musume)

・SWEET MEMORIES (Matsuda Seiko-san)

・Kataomoi. (Buono!)

And then,
in the 2nd performance,

there was a corner where Chisato collaborated with the fans

It was a corner were 3 people were chosen from those who applied,

and they came up on stage and harmonized with Chisato in “Kanashiki Heaven”

I was watching attentively, and even my heart started pounding

The winners’ feelings were contagious (lol)

However, the 3 winners stood on stage with a lot of members of team ℃-ute in front of them,

and they sang magnificently°・(ノД`)・°・


Yaji was moved

It’s something we can’t normally do

Yaji respected them, thinking “They have amazing courage~\(◎o◎)/”

Thank you for being brave and accepting the challenge

I was really happy they sang one of ℃-ute’s songs like that

And then, they had really wonderful singing voices

I was moved by the warmth of the team ℃-ute members in the audience who waved their glow sticks and cheered for them

team ℃-ute is so wonderful

Afterwards, there was a Q&A corner,

and then, the 2nd performance’s live corner

Here were our duets

・Boyfriend (Fujimoto Miki-san)

・I&YOU&I&YOU&I (Tanpopo)

・Best Friend (Kiroro-san)

・Romantic Ukare Mode (Fujimoto Miki-san)

It’s rare for me to get a chance to sing with Chisato, so it was fresh and really fun

Though the contents will be different, there’s performances of this event on the 20th and the 21st, Chisato’s actual birthday,

so I hope Chisato will make a lot of memories with everyone


One picture from the photshoot for the photocards that were on sale at the venue yesterday


A shot from the dressing room yesterday

With UpFront Kansai’s
Miyazaki Rio-chan,

who appeared at the 2nd performance

Rio-chan seemed really happy that she was able to celebrate Chisato’s birthday

She was cute as she jumped up and down with delight backstage


Now then,
at 7:00PM~

I will have the release commemoration handshake event for the Yajima Maimi produced “My Museum”, which is currently on sale, at the Fukuya Shoten Shinjuku Subnade store

Those who have time, please be sure to come

Yaji is waiting for youヽ(´ー`)ノ

I think there’s people who already know,

but the major debut of “Juice=Juice” this summer has been decided


I exchanged e-mails with Miyazaki Yuka-chan,
who became the leader

I think there are a lot of happy and difficult times ahead,

but I hope they will work together to overcome them

Let’s work together to make Hello! Project lively(・∀・´)

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