“My Museum” event reports

Today was the release commemoration handshake event for Maimi’s self-designed new photobook “My Musuem”, which was attended by 1,000 fans and an army of press corps. Here’s a summary of the many reports on the event that have been published so far:

On the subject of ℃-ute’s upcoming event in Paris, Maimi said that she’s always wanted to visit France, so she thought she was dreaming when she heard ℃-ute’s first overseas event would be held there. She began studying French as soon as they heard the news, but she’s unable to hold a conversation. Maimi said that she asks to be taught things she can say during the performance, but she immediately forgets because it’s so difficult. When asked what she can say, Maimi proudly said “bonjour” and “merci”, which elicited laughter from the press corps. In addition, Maimi mentioned that she had seen video of Buono!’s concert in Paris, and that she thought the atmosphere of the crowd, which was different than that of Japanese crowds, was fresh.

℃-ute’s concert at Nippon Budokan on September 10th was announced at the same time as their concert in Paris, and though details aren’t decided yet, Maimi said her and the other members are already fired up. The staff has asked them for their ideas, and Maimi has come up with several like shooting water, balloons falling from the ceiling, and appearing by leaping up from in the stage, but the staff has told her those ideas would be difficult to pull off.

Switching the topic to “My Museum”, the project came about due to Maimi’s interest in making things, which Maimi said she does in her living room whenever she has time off. Due to the time and effort Maimi spent making the photobook, she said she has a stronger emotional attachment to this photobook than any of her previous ones. Of the pages in the photobook, the one that was the most time consuming was the picture of her on the bed in the candy house, which took around 9 hours to complete. Talk then changed to her favorite outfit from the photoshoot, and Maimi chose the oiran-style oufit, saying that she was excited to wear it because she loves the Japanese style. Maimi also noted that the other ℃-ute members are fans of her work, and have said that they hope she’ll design costumes someday; something Maimi herself said she’d like to try.

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Tokyo News Service (video)

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