Blog update: “Thank you, Taklamakan(>_<)"

With “Taklamakan” in the books, Maimi shares her feelings about the play in her June 12th update titled Thank you, Taklamakan(>_<)“. Full translation below.

Good evening
It’s Maimi

Thank you for the many congratulatory messages yesterday

I actually haven’t been able to look at all of them yet, but I will properly read them all

I received e-mails from a variety of people, and it made me strongly feel “People have warm hearts~


And then,

on the same day as the anniversary of ℃-ute’s formation was the closing performance of the play which started May 31st,
Hata-gumi vol.5 “Taklamakan”

For 12 days… No, for a month and a half including practice, we were all frantically running.


When it was decided that I’d appear in the Hata-gumi play “Ran” 3 years ago,

I went and saw one of Hata-san’s plays

That play was “Taklamakan”

Back then, I never would’ve imagined that I’d star in that deeply moving production…

Last time I watched the play,
but this time I performed in it


Hata-san was picky about each and every line he wrote and put deep meaning into all of them,
and learning about them touched my heart


And then, something I’ve always thought ever since the day I first went to practice with Hata-gumi…

Everyone’s approach to plays is really hot

Even if they if lose their voice, even if they get scraped up, they always give their all…

I become worried like “Aren’t you worn-out°・(ノД`)・°・”,

but their attitude never changes…

I’m really happy that I could practice with people like that

They made me think “I won’t lose either” and gave me amazing power

The sight of other people working hard gives me power to work hard…

When I heard that there’d be 11 days of performances in Tokyo and 1 day in Osaka, I became happy thinking

“We get to have so many performances

and “A lot of people will be able to come and see it“,


but throwing yourself at the play every day… Including me, all of the cast members were worn-out so much so that I wondered

“Will we be able to keep this up until the closing day

However, as I wrote in an earlier blog,

for the people that come to see the play, the “Taklamakan” they see on that day is the “Taklamakan” they’ll always remember…


I won’t think about what lies beyond today, and I’ll give everything to what’s in front of me right now

I carried out each and every performance with that feeling

When I was suddenly able to see all of the audience’s faces during the curtain call,

I thought “So many people came again today, and they’re all clapping…

That made me happy, happy, and gave me power every day

Before I realized it, it was the closing day

Even though there were so many cast members, not a single person dropped out,

and I think it’s because everyone put their soul into it

Even though I was exhausted
I’d think “I cannot lose!!!!!(・ー・´)”

It’s fighting spirit

I was also happy that “Taklamakan” could expand into Osaka,

and it was my first time to perform in Sankei Hall Breeze, which is a really big theater(*゜Q゜*)

I was really moved by the fact that there were people in the audience on the 2nd floor too

All those audience members gave us a standing ovation during the curtain call on closing day…

It was mesmerizing~

We were able to reach the closing day without any problems thanks to the support of so many people…

Hata Takehiko-san, the writer and director who brought “Taklamakan” to life,

and the many staff who supported us from behind the scenes

All of my co-stars who I struggled through the practices and performances with

And then, everyone who came to the theater and everyone who cheered for it to be a success even though they couldn’t come


Thank you so, so very much


I was taught a variety of things during “Taklamakan”

I want to grow more and more

When I look back on the time from the first practice until yesterday, I’m filled with so many feelings that I can’t write them all down,

but at any rate, right now I’m filled with a lot of gratitude


Thank you so very much


Well then,
here are pictures from Osaka

Isn’t it a meaningful picture (lol)

Left is Niigaki Risa-san
Right is Yaji

I have a lot of other pictures, so I’ll upload them little by little


And then, I returned by bullet train first thing this morning,

and filmed the music video for the SATOUMI Project unit Mellowquad’s new song


The outfit…
Isn’t it cute

And then, isn’t the set cute too

Yaji became excited immediately

Because carts were lined up~(´ー`⊂)

A~h I want to go to a festival

I wonder if I’ll be able to go this year

I hope so


Commemorating the 8th anniversary of ℃-ute’s debut

The footage of “Nico Nico Chou ℃-ute Stage”,

which was held at the RED STAGE of “Nico Nico Chou Kaigi 2” on April 27th,

has been uploaded to YouTube

The performance of “Dance de Bakoon!” from our spring tour in Nagoya several days ago is featured today on “Hello! Station #19” too

Please be sure to check both out

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