Blog update: “℃-ute 8th anniversary(T^T)”

Maimi takes the opportunity to look back at how her life changed on the anniversary of ℃-ute’s formation in her June 11th update titled “℃-ute 8th anniversary(T^T)“. Full translation below.

Good afternoon
It’s Maimi

June 11th

Today is the 8th anniversary of ℃-ute’s formation

Eight years, huh…

I remember it…
Eight years ago today…

It was announced at Abe Natsumi-san’s tour that those of us who had been Hello! Project Kids until then would be called “℃-ute”…

Since that day, a lot of things about me have changed.

The days when I was anxious and couldn’t see where I was heading were blown away at once,

and I made a vow to give my all to the things in front of me


I was 13-years-old at the time, and now I’m 21~(^-^)

Time flies

But I often hear it being said that being able to continue doing 1 thing for a long time like this is amazing

That’s certainly the case…

That fact that we’re able to continue as ℃-ute like this even today is due to the support of so many people

Honestly, there’ve been a lot of obstacles I couldn’t have overcome by myself,

and times where I thought “It’s useless…” and felt like my heart would break.


Even still,
I was able to come this far without losing because of a lot of support from the other members,
my family,
the staff,
my friends,
…and then, all of the fans


I worried and worried…
But in the end, I always thought things like

“Well, how will everyone who has supported me feel


“I want to see more of those people’s smiles and their delight“…

When I think back to that time now, I’m glad I didn’t quit…

There are things I’ve been able to see because I didn’t give up

There are people I met because I didn’t give up

I think that everyone who supported us felt frustrated when we felt frustrated,

and times when they worried “Are they going to be alright“.

But now I think
“I want to see things we couldn’t see at that time together“… And then, “I want to repay them

Thank you so much for believing in ℃-ute


And then, everyone who recently became interested in ℃-ute…

It’s amazing that we’ve met

The cause of the meeting is different for everyone,

but I’m grateful from the bottom of my heart that you discovered ℃-ute amongst all the people that we’ll never meet in our lifetimes

There was a time when those who have supported ℃-ute for a long time first started to cheer for us too…

I want everyone who has discovered and started supporting ℃-ute recently to a~lways love us

Before we realize it, “now” will become “back then”, and there will be even more new members of team ℃-ute…

When that time comes, I want you to proudly say
“I’ve supported ℃-ute since back then~“(lol)

Everyone, please continue to support ℃-ute


Yaji loves ℃-ute

I’m happy that I’m in ℃-ute

To everyone who follows ℃-ute… Thank you from the bottom of my heart…



June 11th

Today at 7:00PM at Osaka Sankei Hall Breeze

is the closing performance of the play “Taklamakan”…

It’s my final day living as Kei

However, Kei will continue to live on inside of Yaji…

I’ll give my all so I don’t regret my final time as her(・~・´)

“It’s fighting spirit Life is fighting spirit



La~ter(´ 3`)


Early ticket application through the official ℃-ute blog for ℃-ute’s first Nippon Budoukan performance on September 10th (Tues),

℃-ute Budoukan Concert 2013 “Queen of J-POP ~Tadori Tsuita Onna Senshi~”,

has begun

Here are the details↓↓↓

Application URL:
Application period:
June 11th (Tues) 10:00AM ~ June 19th (Wed) 11:59PM

Everyone, please be sure to check it out

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