Blog update: “Tokyo closing day°・( ノД`)・°・”

Maimi looks back on the Tokyo performances of “Taklamakan” while looking forward to the one remaining Osaka performance in her June 10th June 11th update titled Tokyo closing day°・( ノД`)・°・“. Full translation below.

Good evening
It’s Maimi

The Tokyo closing day for the play “Taklamakan” is finished

Eleven days…

Thanks to the support of a lot of people, we were able to come this far without any problems

We received a standing ovation during the curtain call,
and I was deeply moved

The feeling I felt at that time…

I felt like “Aaaah~” from the bottom of my heart…

I’ll never forget it

I hope “Taklamakan” remains in everyone’s hearts forever…


When I was tidying up the dressing room at Owl Spot,
which we used for a long time,

I started to feel sad

It was here where all of the cast and staff got fired up every day like
“Let’s put on a wonderful play“,

and it’s where a lot of people came and watch “Taklamakan”…

It became one of my precious memories of my life

Though I say that,
“Taklamakan” isn’t over yet

Tomorrow at Osaka Sankei Hall Breeze is the real closing day of “Taklamakan”

Being able to have a performance in Osaka itself is a wonderful thing,

and I’ll use all of my power to put on “Taklamakan” for everyone who has been looking forward to the Osaka performances


Whether we like it or not,
tomorrow is the end of my time as Kei

So that I don’t have any regrets, I will catch fire

On the closing day,
all of the cast and staff will become one and put our soul into it


Now then, today’s pictures

With Yoshikawa Asami-san

Since it was the Tokyo closing day,
she gave everyone hand towels

I was really happy,
but the feeling of “It’s already over” hit me, and I started feeling sad

The hand towel… I’ll use it with care

Thank you


Fukunaga Marika-chan,

who came to see the closing day in Tokyo today

I was rea~lly happy…(/_;)

Marika-chan and I were costars in the previous play “Sakura no Hanataba”,

and Marika-chan had a play that ran until yesterday, but she came and watched when the closing day was finished

during the performances of both of our plays,
we often e-mailed each other “Alright(・∀・´) Let’s both do our best today

Though we were standing on different stages,
we both got fired up like this… What a wonderful friend

Thank you so much



The Enbun Charge tablets Yaji often ate since practice

Earlier, the staff and I had a conversation like

Me “These are really delicious

Staff “Really~( ^∀^)? I’m glad I got them!“,

and this morning, that staff member said

“Here, for you“,

and gave me a whole new bag

I was so happy

Right now they’re safely in my bag

Thank you very much


When I took the picture, I had already eaten one

…That’s how addicted I am

For supporting Yaji since the practice,



And then, changing the subject,

today I had a business meeting in regards to the event on June 30th for those who bought the Yajima Maimi produced “My Museum” photobook and DVD


I was like
“I want to be able to invite everyone who applied to the event“,

and they had a lot of ideas like “We should do this” and “We should do that”


Of course, I shared my ideas too

Those who applied should get an e-mail with details in the next couple of days,
so please be sure to participate


…It’s this late

The date has changed and it’s now June 11th(*´д`*)

June 11th is a rea~lly important day for ℃-ute…


I’ll write about it in tomorrow’s… I mean, today’s blog


Well then, I hope June 11th becomes a wonderful day…

Good night

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