Blog update: “We’ve come this far!!( ; ゜Д゜)”

Maimi receives even more visitors to her play “Taklamakan” as the performances wind down in her June 9th update titled “We’ve come this far( ; ゜Д゜)“. Full translation below.

Good evening
It’s Maimi

There are only 2 performances of the play “Taklamakan” remaining(>_<)

We had 2 performances today too

A lot of people come every day, so I’m really happy

It seems a lot of staff members have come as well,

so I’m grateful… Really…

these Morning Musume members came and watched

From left,
Iikubo Haruna-chan
Ikuta Erina-chan
(Niigaki Risa-san)
Fukumura Mizuki-chan

…Ikuta-chan has come 3 times(゜o゜)/


Ah… I just noticed as I attached the picture…

Sorry I’m next to Niigaki-san instead of you…人( ̄∀ ̄;)lol

Ikuta-chan’s love for Niigaki-san is really amazing

Last time she came, she cried because she couldn’t meet her, so I’m glad they could meet this time~( ^∀^)


And then, the 2 that came for the first time gave me their wonderful impressions

The play “Gogakuyuu” will start soon, and it seems they rushed over after practice had finished today…

Thank you so much for coming to watch…


And then, today

One of my teachers from high school came

They also brought delicious treats

I’m happy that they’re still concerned with me after graduation…

I have to be grateful to a lot of people…


Tomorrow is finally the Tokyo closing day

I’ll be saying farewell to Owl Spot…(/_;)


This is what it looks like before the doors open…

Everyone does their voice warm-ups on the stage and in the audience when it’s like this

By the way, I often do my voice warm-ups in the furthest aisle back(lol)

…It’s a piece of mini-trivia f(^_^)

I also took this picture from there(  ̄▽ ̄)

…It’s a second piece of mini-trivia f(^_^)


Alright The final “Taklamakan” in Owl Spot

Tomorrow I’ll work so hard I’ll use up all of my strength(・∀・´)

…So for that I need to recharge Recharge(lol)ε=┌( ・_・)┘

I’ll rest my body and throat

Good night

Sweet dreams

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