Blog update: “Ufu(*^.^*)”

Maimi talks about the latest visitors to her play “Taklamakan” and gives the results of her and Iikubo Haruna’s appearance on a game show in her June 8th update titled “Ufu(*^.^*)“. Full translation below.

Good evening
It’s Maimi

I’m sorry for updating late

There were performances of the play “Taklamakan” yesterday and today

Every performance was packed, so I’m really happy,

and I feel a lot of gratitude


Nacky and Chisato came and watched~

In addition, it was before they had an interview, so they were busy…


The 2 of them left immediately after the performance, so unfortunately I wasn’t able to meet them

But I was really happy they came even though things were hectic…

I’m grateful for the other ℃-ute members…

Though we weren’t able to meet, when I checked my cellphone after the performance, I had received e-mails from them

I’ll do my best until the closing day


And then, Berryz Koubou’s Tokunaga Chinami-chan came to watch as well

I took a picture with China(〃▽〃)


In addition to the treats she gave while saying “Everyone, help yourselves“,

she said “These are for Maimi“,

and gave me an assortment of Japanese and American cherries


Chinami’s smile gave me energy

Thank you so much for coming…


The staff I normally work with,

the other members…

I’m really happy that a lot of people have come to watch…


There are only 4 more performances of “Taklamakan”

Four performances…

Time is really flying~

This morning,
we received the announcement

“Please start taking home the things you can from the dressing room“…

I thought “It’s already that time( ; ゜Д゜)”,

and became a little sad…

I want to live the role of “Kei” with all my might for the remaining 4 performances so as to not have any regrets


And then, it seems a lot of people watched the late-night live broadcast of NHK’s “Souhoukou Quiz Tenkatouitsu”…

Thank you very much

It’s a quiz show where viewers can participate using their TV remote,

and even though it was late-night, around 40,000 people participated

By the way, it seems my “Taklamakan” costars and members of the staff participated too(=°ω°=)


I’m grateful to everyone for lending Yaji and Morning Musume’s Iikubo Haruna-chan their power

Though we lost and weren’t able to unify the country,

the theme of the quiz was “pets”, so I was extremely soothed by the clips they showed

I want to get revenge


Well then,
here’s a picture with Iikubo Haruna-chan, who battled by my side


Iikubo-chan said

“Yajima-san, I thought you’d like these, so I brought them for you~“,

and she gave me some rusk

Why’d she do such a nice thing…


I was like “Hya~ Tha~nk yo~uヽ(≧▽≦)/”

Thanks Iikubo-chan(^з^)/


I’ll do my best tomorrow too

a picture with everyone in the girls’ dressing room,

and good night~


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