Blog update: “Delicious( 〃▽〃)”

Maimi eats delicious thing after delicious thing in her second June 3rd update titled “Delicious( 〃▽〃)“. Full translation below.

Good afternoon
It’s Maimi


Look, look


Oku Hanako’s greatest hits albumヽ(≧▽≦)/

The director of the FM-PORT program “℃-ute Yajima Maimi no I My Me Maimi~” gave it to me today(〃▽〃)

I’m so happy~

Earlier on the radio I said
“I love Oku Hanako’s songs…“,

and they said “Ah I have her greatest hits album at my home, so I’ll give it to you“…


I want to take my time to listen to it at my house

June has begun, and we received a lot of letters about this month’s theme

Thank you very much

It broadcasts every Friday at 10:00PM, so please be sure to listen


Well then, here are the pictures from backstage at “Taklimakan” which I couldn’t attach yesterday~



Okuyama Hirobumi-san,
who had a birthday yesterday


From the left,
Igari Asami-san, Okuyama-san, and myself

Again, happy birthday

Yaji got some of the strawberry cake too
It was rea~lly delicious(〃▽〃)



The chanko nabe that Kondo Nobuhiro-san made the day before yesterday

The noodles afterwards were delicious too

And then, today he made apple pie for everyone

It was delicious too

He’s really… like a mother to everyone (lol)

Thank you for everything



All I said in today’s update was “Delicious” f(^_^)



Now then, today we have a performance at 7:00PM~

I just now finished practicing the sword fight and returned to the dressing room



I’ll do my best fired up today

Well then, I’m going to get ready


Until tomorrow’s update~

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