Maimi, Haruna to appear on “Tenkatouitsu”

Maimi will join Morning Musume’s Iikubo Haruna on the NHK Sougou live program “Souhoukou Quiz Tenkatouitsu” (“Interactive Quiz; Unification of the Whole Country”), which will broadcast on June 8th at 12:10AM. The theme of this episode of the quiz program will be “pets”, and the cast page at the “Tenkatouitsu” website has a short Q&A with all of the participants about their pets. I’ve translated the answers for the Iikubo/Yajima team, which you can see by hitting the jump below.

Q1. What are the pets you are currently raising?

Two cats, a Maine coon named Rai-kun and a ragdoll named Shiruki-kun. Both were abandoned cats. Rai-kun’s call is like “Unaan”, and Shiruki’s is like “Nyaaa”. I’ve also had an albino axolotl named Haku-kun for 3 months. He’s growing fast. He says “paku paku”.

Jack Russell terrier: Rookie (♂). Tiny poodle (parent): Cologne. By the way, we have the same birthday! Tiny poodle (child): Aroma (♀)

Q2. What are some troubles you’ve had living together?

Rai-kun loves me so much, he’s convinced I belong to him. He’s marked me before when I was leaving for school or just sitting around. No matter how much I warned him, he doesn’t understand it’s a bad thing (Cry).

Q3. What kind of pet would you like to raise?

Absolutely, a dog! I long to raise a large dog like a golden retriever!! My dream is to sleep together by a window with the noon sun shining through♥

Q4. Say a few words for the viewers!

Paku paku unaan!! Nyaaa♥ (I want to become the champion again!! Everyone, join us♥)

It’s my first appearance on “Tenkatouitsu”!! Everyone’s power is essential for victory, so lend our team your power!! Let’s unify the country together.

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