Blog update: “Absolutely(^^ゞ”

Maimi makes a strong case for picking up a copy of “BASEBALL GAME MAGAZINE” and gets ready for the opening of the play “Taklamakan” in her May 30th update titled “Absolutely(^^ゞ“. Full translation below.

Good evening
It’s Maimi

Yesterday I went to Hayama to take pictures for the cover and opening segment of

which will go on sale July 25th

I could see the ocean and there was a breeze, so it felt really nice


I posed in 4 different outfits

I got to wear a variety of clothes

I even wore a baseball uniform

In the interview,
I talked about a lot of things like the double A-side single coming out on July 10th,
“Kanashiki Amefuri”
and “Adam to Eve Dilemma”

℃-ute’s first overseas performance (Paris, France) on July 5th

℃-ute Day on September 10th
at Nippon Budoukan

And the Yajima Maimi produced photobook currently on sale,
“My Museum”

Please be sure to check it out


Ah That’s right
Speaking of “My Museum”…

A release commemoration handshake event on June 18th has been decided<img

It will be at the Fukuya Shoten Shinjuku Subnade store in Tokyo at 7:00PM

I’ll announce more details later


And then,
all of ℃-ute filmed a DVD for the summer Hello! Project concert’s goods afterwards<img

The DVD filming… It was exciting (lol)

We couldn’t stop talking,
and the staff showed us a cue card that read “Wrap it up soon~“(^∀^;) Hehe

Please be sure to check it out too


And then,
today we finally went to “Higashi Ikebukuro Owl Spot”,

and had the dress rehearsal for the Hata-gumi play which opens tomorrow,

The lighting, sound, positioning, stage exits… We did the final tuning on a variety of things

While thinking “Tomorrow, a lot of people will have come here to watch~…(゜o゜)”,

I gazed at the audience seating…

My heart’s pounding

We’ve done everything we can do before the performance, and now we’ll open the play doing the best we can

We’ll all put on the play “Taklamakan” with all of our might


I hope as many people as possible come and see it…


I’m fired up(・∀・´)

I hope tomorrow is a wonderful day…


The TV Tokyo program
“God Tongue”
will broadcast on June 1st at 2:10AM~


Continuing from last week, Bananaman-san and the show’s staff set traps to surprise Yaji f(^ー^;

It seems a lot of people watched last week… Thank you

Please be sure to check out the broadcast the day after tomorrow too~

…I’m scared…(°∇°;)

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