Blog update: “Gratitude(*’-‘)”

Maimi talks the ℃-ute tour, “Taklimakan” rehearsal, and her just-release photobook “My Museum” in her May 27th update titled “Gratitude(*’-‘)“. Full translation below.

Good evening
It’s Maimi

Yesterday we had the ℃-ute concerts in Nagoya

The venue was filled all the way to the 4th level, so I was really happy~

Earlier, we weren’t even able to fill the 1st level in this venue…

I never thought I’d see the light of glowsticks all the way to the top of the venue…

I’ve got to be grateful to a lot of people…

Yesterday was the debut of one of the songs from our double A-side single coming out on July 10th,

“Kanashiki Amefuri”

It’s a song about a painful regret,
but there are dynamic and intense parts in the dance

The choreography during the hook is easy to remember, so I hope everyone will master it and be sure to dance together with us…


After the concerts are over,
we change our clothes,
we get our luggage in order,
and lastly, we go around greeting all of the staff, and then we leave the venue,

but when we went to the stage,
the set that was just there was gone,

the sparkling lights had been turned off,
all of the members of team ℃-ute in the audience had left,

and I started to feel lonely…

It had become so deserted, I wondered
“Huh Was what I saw just a little while ago a dream“…

However, we saw the staff packing up the set,

and Mai said something to me

“People can’t live on their own, huh~“…

I really think so

Because of a lot of people’s support, we’re able to stand on stage like we do…

There are a lo~t of things I need to be thankful for every day

Everyone who came to the concert
Everyone who couldn’t come but still supported us

Thank you very much

There’s 3 weeks until our next concert, but I’ll work hard so we can put on an even better concert for everyone


Alright And then,

I had practice today for the play

which will be held from the 31st this month to June 10th
at Higashi Ikebukuro Owl Spot,

and on June 11th
at Osaka Senkei Hall Breeze

We did a full run-through while wearing the costumes…

There’s 4 days remaining until the performances…\(◎o◎)/

There have been days where I couldn’t go to practice, and it was an inconvenience to a lot of people,

as there were people who contacted me with changes,

and people who substituted for me…

They’ve helped me lots and lots…

I’ve gotta do my best so their help isn’t in vain(・ー・´)

Above all, I will do my best with e~veryone to put on a play that stays in everyone hearts

I hope “Taklimakan” will be loved by a lot of people who come to see it…


Changing the subject,

have you already checked out the Yajima Maimi produced photobook
“My Museum”,
which went on sale today

For this photobook,
I used a lo~t of knitting wool, beads, etc. to decorate the photobook

By the way,

the page that took the longest was the one where Yaji is lying down in a candy bed

That page alone took me about 8 hours

I made each and every page with a lot of love, so those who still haven’t seen it, please be absolutely sure to do so

Yaji will be delighted♪ヽ(´▽`)/(lol)


Well then, thanks for all your hard work today

Let’s all have sweet dreams

Good ni~ght


A peek at the outfit for our new song

GODIVA ice cream we were given at the filming for the music video

The encore outfit which we only wore for the first half of the tour

They remade the design of the t-shirt with input from all of the members

The encore outfit was my favorite

Thanks for making it through the first half of the tour with me

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