Blog update: “Time diary(^-^)”

Maimi recaps her day in a time diary in her May 26th update aptly titled “Time diary(^-^)“. Full translation below.

It’s Maimi
Today I’ll update with a time diary



Good morning
I’m on the bullet train heading to Nagoya right now

Hagi-chan’s next to me~

Ooh…… I’m really sleepy…(っ_-)

I’ll sleep until we arrive in Nagoya…

Good night



We arrived at Nagoya
I really slept the entire time~(/0 ̄)



in JOYSOUND’s Kanayama store


We wrote all over the big banner in the ℃-ute room~

Please be absolutely sure to go to the ℃-ute room and sing a lo~t of ℃-ute songs

…Speaking of which, the elevator at the Kanayama store has a really nice smell (lol)



Today’s the ℃-ute concert at Nihon Tokushu Tougyou Shiminkaikan Forest Hall

While waiting in the dressing room on stand-by, the staff of the program “Gogosuma”, which Chisato regularly appears on, came in for a suprise interview

It’ll air on May 30th, so please be sure to check it out



I finished setting my hair(  ̄▽ ̄)
My bangs had gotten long, so I cut them



Right now all of ℃-ute is eating

Today’s menu is “kishimen”

Let’s eat



I’m done

Thanks for the meal
It was rea~lly delicious

The sides of teriyaki chicken
and fried lotus root were delicious too~(´ー`⊂)

Now then
I’ve got to prepare for the 2-shot photo session

I’m going to cha~nge



The 2-shots are over

They’re pictures I’ll remember…
Thank you very much

I changed into my workout clothes, and I’ll start my voice warm-ups and stretching now


I’m back from rehearsal(^-^ゞ

Today’s the debut of one of the songs from the double A-side single coming out on July 10th,

“Kanashiki Amefuri”~ヽ(≧▽≦)/

My heart’s pounding

We received pudding from the staff of “Gogosuma”, and I’ll eat it now~(‘∇’)



Well then,
shall I finish updating now

I’m o~ff


Tomorrow is finally the release date of the Yajima Maimi produced photobook,
“My Museum”

Everyone, please be sure to head to a nearby bookstore

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