Blog update: “Music video(‘ ∇’)”

Maimi has music video filmings, photoshoots, and recordings in preparation for ℃-ute’s upcoming single in her update for May 23rd titled “Music video(‘ ∇’)“. Full translation below.

Good evening
It’s Maimi

Yesterday ℃-ute had a cover photoshoot and filmed the music video for one of the songs on the double A-side single coming out on July 10th,

“Adam to Eve no Dilemma”


The set and the lighting were wonderful, so it was really exciting~

We worked with the same staff as we did for the music video for “Crazy Kanzen na Otona”…

In order to make a wonderful music video this time,

they were fastidious about a variety of things during the filming

And then, when we were done with the entire filming,

the staff did the dance for our new song,

just like they did for “Crazy Kanzen na Otona”(lol)

Those staff watched us during the dance scenes countless times,

and memorized the choreography(゜o゜)/… That’s amazing


A~h I can’t wait to see the finished video

I hope a lot of people will watch it…

That’s right
We received a lot of treats

Sweets, strawberries, confections…

And then, cherries


Yaji chewing~(´ー`⊂)

I was happy


All of the staff, thank you very much


And then,
tomorrow we have the music video filming for the other song from the double A-side single,

“Kanashiki Amefuri”

I wonder what kind of music video it’ll be…

I’ll do my best to make it a wonderful music video


By the way, we had the recording for the coupling track today

Another new genre has been added to ℃-ute’s songs

It felt like the way we recorded was different than usual, so I’ll be happy if everyone can see a new side of ℃-ute


Well then, thanks for all your hard work today
Please have wonderful dreams
Good night


The commercial for “℃-ute DVD Magazine Vol.32”,
which goes on sale May 25th,

has been uploaded to YouTube, so please be sure to check it out

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