Blog update: “Huhun(´ー`⊂)”

Maimi writes about everything from “God Tongue”, to “My Museum”, to treats in her May 24th update titled “Huhun(´ー`⊂)“. Full translation below.

Good morning
It’s Maimi

The morning sun is shining in through the window~

It’s beautiful…(*´-`)
I love the sunrise and sunset…

I feel today is going to become a wonderful day

Now then

The other day I had a recording for TV Tokyo’s “God Tongue”, though I thought it was a different program…

It will finally air tomorrow at 2:10AM~

Bananaman-san and the staff plant surprises for me…

Himuko (Himura-san) overwhelmed me the entire time((((゜д゜;))))

Please be sure to check it out when it airs(^^;)

And then,
the photobook I produced, “My Museum”, finally comes out the day after tomorrow

I wore mature outfits
Childish outfits
Outfits with a swee~t feeling

…I wore a lot of outfits and put on make-up to match the outfits,

so I think it’s a photobook where you can see a variety of sides of Yajima Maimi

I want everyone to pay attention to Yaji’s decorations while you’re looking at the pictures

…They look somewhat three-dimensional, so they gave me a strange feeling

It’s small and easy to carry,

so please be sure to put it in your backpack and take Yaji a variety of places (lol)

Everyone, please check out “My Museum”( ^-^)っ


Ah Also
Yaji will appear as a guest at Chisato’s birthday event on June 17th…

Earlier, we decided what songs we’d sing there

I’m excited and nervous and my heart is pounding…

Chisato only has a little amount of time left as an 18-year-old~

Enjoy your remaining days as an 18-year-old(^o^)


Chisato gave us croissants at our recording yesterday

They were really, really delicious

Thanks, Chisato

In addition, Airi gave us dumplings

Though I say that, I couldn’t meet Airi since our recording times were different,

but she left them in the studio

Thanks, Airi


Lastly, a picture with those two…


It’s an offshot from the photoshoot for “UTB”, which goes on sale June 23rd

Now then

Let’s do our best today

Yaji is eating Delaware grapes at a hotel in the city right now

Mmmm~( ´∀`)
I’m happy


But, it’s time for me to leave

I’ll head out cheerfully today

Until tomorrow’s update~

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