Blog update: “Graduation…”

Maimi shares her thoughts on Tanaka Reina’s graduation concert and wishes a dear friend a happy birthday in her update for May 22nd titled “Graduation…“. Full translation below.

Good afternoon
It’s Maimi


Tanaka Reina-san graduated from Morning Musume yesterday

Of course
We went to Nippon Budokan to watch the final performance of Morning Musume with Tanaka-san as a member

The instant Morning Musume appeared as silhouettes, I thought “Cool” and became really, really excited

I was able to enjoy it purely as a concert at the very beginningヽ(´ー`)ノ

℃-ute will perform at Budoukan on September 10th,

and I watched while thinking about a variety of things like

“Here’s where the 5 of us will be~

and “This is what the members on stage will look like to the person sitting here~

I was fascinated by the beautiful sight of the glowsticks encircling the stage


Tanaka-san had a bright smile from start to finish, so I felt she enjoyed her final performance as a member of Morning Musume

It looked like she purposely tried to brighten the mood in the venue when things were becoming sad

While watching, I thought
“That’s cool, and so like Tanaka-san…

What a wonderful and fresh smile~

Tanaka-san was sparkling…


And then, the graduation ceremony

When I heard Tanaka-san read her letter…

“I heard things like ‘A deliquent has joined!’ and ‘A problem child has joined!’ when I first passed the audition, and I put up a wall while thinking ‘I’m not really like that…’. But I felt like my fans increased after joining Otome-gumi, so I thought ‘There are people who support me the way I am… I’ll do my best for them!!'”,

I became teary-eyed

To me, Tanaka-san had this image that she had a variety of problems, but she kept them all to herself…

The reason I think “Tanaka-san is strong…” is probably because she’s the kind of person who struggles with various things by herself.

During the concert, she said “I became able to talk about a lot of things with Michishige Sayumi-san, who is the same generation as me…”

As new members continued to join, surely Tanaka-san and Michishige-san supported each other…

I was touched by the bonds between the same generation members

In addition, I was moved by Tanaka-san giving her messages to each member after they gave her flowers

“She warmly watch each of the members~…” I thought, and I could feel their love for each other


Each person has their own life, and though we can’t see it, everyone is living while struggling against a variety of problems…

I was thinking about that as the 11 smiling and sparkling members were standing on stage after hearing Tanaka-san’s letter…

And each of them looked more charming than ever before

It’s not limited to idols, but everyone’s life is like that too, right

Surely everyone faces a variety of problems every day,

but we all live our lives while battling those problems…

I probably like hearing about people’s lives because I can learn a various things from those kinds of stories

The final song they performed was “Shabondama”…
Tanaka-san’s first single as a member of Morning Musume…

It’s already 10 years ago, but I watched the audition on TV~

I had a flashback to Tanaka-san back then during the performance

When I think about yesterday, I’m filled with warmth…

Everyone in Budoukan put their arms on each other’s shoulders…

The venue was filled with blue glowsticks…

It was truly moving… I felt she was surrounded by wonderful people…

From here on, Tanaka-san will be active as a member of “LoVendoЯ”,

and I want to go and see one of their concerts…

Tanaka-san, congratulations on your graduation

Lastly, I’ll attach a picture with Tanaka-san…


With Tanaka-san and Michishige-san…




And then,
today, May 22nd,
is the birthday of someone important to Yaji…

Berryz Koubou’s Tokunaga Chinami-chan


China’s 21 now too

The same age The same age(^-^)

I talked to her on the phone at night~

There were too many things I wanted to talk about, so I was at a loss…(´・ω・`)lol

We also had the conversation “Let’s go travelling together“…

Let’s both enjoy 21

Please continue to take care of Yaji(lol)

Happy birthday


The YouTube program
“Hello! Station”

will be uploaded today
at 9:00PM,

and it will be broadcasting the sights and sounds of “Hibiya Yaon 90-shuunen Kinen Jigyou Hello! Project Yaon Premium LIVE ~Soto Fest~”,
which was held the other day

You can see the debut of ℃-ute’s new single coming out on July 10th,
“Adam to Eve no Dilemma”,

so please be sure to check it out

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