Blog update: “Present(*’-‘) っ”

Maimi gets drenched, but not because of the rain, and exchanges presents with other Hello! Project members in her May 21st entry titled “Present(*’-‘) っ“. Full translation below.

Good morning
It’s Maimi

It seems it’s going to be really, really hot today~(゜-゜)!!

Everyone, please take the proper precautions to protect against the heat when you go out

Now then, today we’ll do a full run-through of the play starting on the 31st,


It’s the first time we’ll rehearse while wearing the costumes, so my heart’s already pounding~

Yeah(・ー・´) I’ll do my best!! I have no choice but to do my best!!(・∀・´)

That’s right
We practiced the sword fight the e~ntire time at practice yesterday, and I was soaked in sweat…(lol)

No matter how much I wiped, it wouldn’t stop…┓( ̄∇ ̄;)┏

After practice was finished, I was walking with an umbrella…

And countless times,
the person passing by me would look twice…


“How’d that person get so wet even though she has an umbrella…!!??((((゜д゜;))))”

On the train as well,

there was a couple, and one of them sat next to me

I thought “If I scoot to the side, another person will able to sit down“, so I moved over…

“Ah(゜o゜) Thank you……(゜Д゜)!!”

I could tell they were surprised because their eyes widened, and then I saw my reflection in the window on the other side of the train…(゜_゜)


My bangs were soaked~Σ(゜□゜;)
Even I was surprised!!(lol)

When I was leaving the practice hall,
the play’s director Nakano-san gave me one of these


Enbun Charge

Salt is important, important
Nakano-san~(T-T) Thank you

In addition, the grapefruit flavor is really delicious(´ー`⊂)

Though this is my first time eating them… I’m already addicted…

I recommend them to everyone on days you sweat~(*’-‘)っ・

Now then, changing the subject,

at “Soto Fes”
the day before yesterday,

I was finally able to give Juice=Juice member Miyazaki Yuka-chan her birthday present(^-^)

By the way, Miyazaki-chan’s birthday is on April 2nd… A month and a half ago…

I bought it a long time ago…… so the present is already out-of-season… Sorry(´・ω・`)

But still, Miyazaki-chan was delighted to receive it

She asked “Is it alright if we take a picture together


…So for that reason, here’s a 2-shot with Miyazaki-chan

And then,
Yaji received a souvenir from Hawaii from Berryz Koubou’s Tokunaga Chinami-chan~

When I said “Wow~ヽ(≧▽≦)/ Thanks Can I open it“,

she responded “Yeah(・∀・) It suits Maimi, so look, look“…


It was a cute white pouch with a pastel ribbon(〃▽〃)

I’m so happy~ Chinami~(T-T) Thanks
I’ll treasure it

Tomorrow is Chinami’s birthday

Yaji still hasn’t bought her present

But it’s because I’m looking for the best present possible

Wait for me, Chinami~

A picture with Chinami


Well then, let’s have a wonderful day tomorrow

I’m o~ff

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