“I My Me” navigator message for May 17th

Maimi updated the navigator message on the website for her radio program “I My Me Maimi~”, and gave more details on the book of correspondence her mother and nursery school teacher kept, which she had originally mentioned in this update. The message can be seen in the original Japanese here, and an English translation can be found by clicking below.

Today’s theme is “I’ve become an adult~!”,
and the other day I read a book of correspondence between my mom and my nursery school teacher from when I was around 1 to 2-years-old.

Though I’m healthy now,
it seems I often got a cold when I was a child and caused them to worry.
On top of that, I was a child who didn’t eat much at all, so I was surprised at how different I was compared to now…(lol)

There were a variety of funny things as I read it!!
I often say that my pet dog Aroma thinks herself a princess,
and my mom wrote the exact same thing about me (sweat)
“She’s the youngest of three siblings and a girl, so she thinks herself a princess…
I worry because she’s so strong-willed.”…(lol)

They say pets resemble their owners, but Aroma… is like me…

Though I was always held,
I was able to progress and walk on my own,
gradually I was able to understand a variety of words,
and I became good at speaking…

As I read it, I really felt I’ve grown.

Now I’m 21-years-old…
I’m really grateful to my parents~.

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