Blog update: “Osaka concertヽ( ≧▽≦)/”

Maimi reflects on the Osaka concerts and gets some good news about “My Museum” in her May 18th update titled “Osaka concertヽ( ≧▽≦)/“. Full translation below.

Good evening
It’s Maimi


The ℃-ute concerts in Osaka are finishedヽ(≧▽≦)/

They were hot
I was soaked in sweat
I was happy

My body still feels light from the concert(*´д`*)

The many glowsticks were beautiful…

Everyone’s cheering was amazing too…

I really enjoyed the moments when my eyes casually met with the people in the venue’s…

“Oh Our eyes just met~
“Ah They smiled~


But when Yaji smiles during a concert, my eyes become squinty, and it seems people don’t know where I’m looking…\(~ロ\)(/ロ~)/Uh oh…


I want to properly burn everyone’s smiles into my memory

I can see the people at the back of the venue as well(^-^) Yaji’s eyes are good

…However, when compared to the past, I notice my eyesight is getting worse…

But I think my eyes are still good(=°ω°=)

Seeing the people on the second floor’s reactions when I do various things to let them know I can see them makes me happy

When I think that they’re watching us even though they’re a little far away, it makes me HAPPY

I hope everyone becomes just as happy

I could also see the fans of the trainees who are participating in this tour,

(1 from left)
Yoshihashi Kurumi-chan,
Tanabe Nanami-chan,
Murota Mizuki-chan,
and Kaga Kaede-chan,

learn the movements to ℃-ute’s songs by watching others

That made me really happy too…

Since the four trainees are participating in ℃-ute’s concert,

I’m sure there’s a lot of people who saw a ℃-ute concert for the first time…

I’ll do my best together with the 4 trainees until the closing day

Thanks as always

By the way, today we reached the halfway point of the current tour

Everyone who participated, everyone who supported us, thank you very much

℃-ute will sprint forward during the second half as well

Here’s today’s pictures

We received a lot of treats today too

Leaf pie

And madame brule

And then,
from the manga creator Kindaichi Renjuurou-san,

we received coin purses in our member colors


And then, volume 4 of Kindaichi-sensei’s
“Liar x Liar”


By the way, he gave us volumes 1~3 before

Giving each of us a lot of presents like this…(゜o゜) Thank you very much


Well then
Tomorrow we have
“Hibiya Yaon 90-shuunen Kinen Jigyou Hello! Project Yaon Premium LIVE ~Soto Fest~ supported by Hellosmile”

I was worried about the weather, but somehow or another, the weather report says it’ll be clear skies…

Did our feelings reach the sun god(‘∇’)

Thank you…

It’s an outdoor concert… And it’ll be dark at night, won’t it

It’ll be so fresh(゜o゜)/

My heart starts pounding just imagining it, but I’ll do my best so that team ℃-ute will grow(・∀・´)


Lastly, I have an announcement

℃-ute appears in the fashion magazine going on sale June 12th,

And then,
we also appear in “UTB”,
which goes on sale June 23rd

We wear 2 different outfits
Please be sure to check it out

By the way, the staff I worked with at “UTB”

are the same staff I worked with on the Yajima Maimi production
coming out on May 27th,
“My Museum”

When I met them yesterday,

the told me that they had received a lot of preorders from people

That made me really, really happy

Everyone who preordered it… Thank you from the bottom of my heart(ノ_・。)

I hope a lot of people see it when it’s released

Well then…
Until tomorrow’s update

Good night

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