Blog update: “Won’t lose to summer( ・~”

Maimi tries to beat the heat at practice for the play “Taklimakan” and promotes an upcoming TV appearance in her May 15th update titled “Won’t lose to summer( ・~“. Full translation below.

Good evening
It’s Maimi


I had practice again today for “Taklimakan”,
the play starting on May 31st


We practiced the sword fight the first half
And then, we practiced the scenes the second half

For dinner,
we went to a nearby soba restaurant…

Naturally, all of the staff of “Taklimakan” gather there since it’s close to the practice hall,

and it was like we had reserved the place (lol)

There were a lot of people,
so it looked it was a big problem for the grandpa and grandma who were making everything…(^ー^;A

Thank you

I get hot after moving my body…

So I was like

“I want to eat something co~ld(>_<)“,

and I ordered “chilled kitsune soba”


It was delicious

There was also chilled Chinese noodles on the menu…

And it made me feel like it was summer…(; ゜Д゜)


Yaji’s sensitive to the heat~
Summer is scary
I’ve gotta be careful not to get heat fatigue

There are salt candies at the practice hall,

so I can take the proper amount of salt

I love salt candy
It’s something the sweaty Yaji is grateful for (lol)

And then, here is an announcement

On the 19th,
from 7:00PM to 8:00PM,

“Members’ choice! Famous scenes from ℃-ute’s concert special”
will broadcast on Space Shower TV Plus

Each of the members of ℃-ute talked passionately about concerts

When we looked back on them, it brought back a lot of memories…

I also got teary-eyed…(ノ_・。)

Because the other members are always next to me, I’ve been able to overcome anything… I felt…

Lastly, there was a surprising development…Σ( ̄□ ̄)!

A~h, whenever we go out to eat,

we always end up talking about our memories like this,

and once again I thought,

“I’m glad I learned about their feelings back then,

and I’m glad I could talk about my own

℃-ute love concerts… So I want a lot of people to learn about our feelings about those concerts


I have practice for the play “Taklimakan” again today

I’ll go fired up(・∀・´)

Please have a wonderful day tomorrow, everyone

Good night

Lastly, pictures I took earlier with ChisaMai…

With Chisato~

With Mai~

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