Blog update: “Lots of announcements f(^_^)”

Maimi has… well… lots of announcements in her May 14th update titled “Lots of announcementsf(^_^)“. Full translation below.

Good evening
It’s Maimi

I’m sorry for the late updatem(__)m

Today I went to practice for Hata-gumi vol. 5 “Taklimakan”,
the play that will start on the 31st of this month

“Taklimakan” is a play with live music

When I went to the practice hall today, a variety of instruments were there,

and the musicians had come as well

They were the musicians who I had worked with twice before on the Hata-gumi play “Ran”,

Tateishi Kazumi-san (composition & piano)
Oyama Yutaka-san (shamisen)
Yamaguchi Miruko-san (sax & clarinet)


And then, we weren’t able to meet yesterday,

but there’s also Kanza Kou-san (drums & percussion),

who I’m working together with for the first time

The four of them will be performing

It’s amazing with music
The fun scenes become more fun
And the heart-rending scenes become more heart-rending…

When the writer and director Hata Takehiko-san said

“At this point, I want music with this kind of image
during practice,

they responded “Alright, how about like this“, and improvised a wonderful melody in the blink of an eye(゜o゜)/

I was surprised when it happened during “Ran”, and I was impressed again


And then, today we had a costume fitting

It feels like the performances are getting closer day by day(゜o゜)/

They will be held on May 31st to June 10th
at Higashi Ikebukuro Owl Spot,

and on June 11th
at Osaka Sankei Hall Breeze

I hope a lot of people will come to see it


I had rehearsal for

“Hibiya Yaon 90-shuunen Kinen Jigyou Hello! Project Yaon Premium LIVE ~Soto Fest~ supported by Hellosmile”,

which will be held on May 19th,

with all of ℃-ute

This is also right around the corner(゜o゜)/

There are various groups in Hello! Project,

and so that the fans of all the other groups will think

“Oh(゜o゜) ℃-ute’s nice too I’ll support ℃-ute too“,

℃-ute has got to do our best
I’ll go fired up(・∀・´)


B… ut…( ̄~ ̄;)


I heard there’s a 50% chance of rain that day……(-_-;)


Nooooooo waaaaaaaaaay°・(ノД`)・°・


It’s outdoors, so everyone will get wet( ̄□ ̄;)!!

All of the sunny guys and girls in the country, please give us your power((○(>_<)○))

I hope it'll be clear on the day of the performance…(>_<)


And then,
the deadline for applying for tickets for ℃-ute Day on September 10th at Nippon Budoukan through the fan club is tomorrow at 6:00PM

Those who in the fan club who still haven’t applied,
please don’t delay


In addition, the Yajima Maimi production “My Museum” will go on sale May 27th

The last day to pre-order and get the 2L-sized photocards is tomorrow

In this photobook,
I’ve decorated the pictures myself…

Here’s a special picture of a page I was working on…


There are a lot of decorations on the other pages,

so please be sure to check them all out


And then, and then

The DVD & Blu-ray for our previous tour,
“℃-ute Concert Tour 2012~2013 Fuyu ~Shinsei Naru Pentagram~”,

come out tomorrow

Those who participated in the tour,

and those who unfortunately couldn’t attend, please be sure to check them out


Today’s update was packed with announcements, but thanks for reading this far

Today’s happy thing…

Nacky again made cheesecake for everyone


Though I didn’t have any make-up on…(=_=;)
A~ugh!! I’ll attach it!!(>_<)



I was so excited

In addition, it was completely delicious~°・(ノД`)・°・

What a wonderful woman

Thanks as always

Well then, lastly, a picture I took earlier with Nacky…


Let’s have a wonderful day again tomorrow

Until tomorrow’s update~

Good night
Please have sweet dreams

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