Blog update: “Announcement(^-^)”

Maimi blogs all about fellow Up-Front artist Tasaki Asahi in her second May 10th update titled “Announcement(^-^)“. Full translation below.

Excuse me, I’m back(^-^ゞ

It’s Maimi

Documentary clips about Tasaki Asahi-chan are being uploaded to YouTube now

“Tasaki Asahi documentary #4”

was newly uploaded

Yaji’s been secretly watching them recently,

and you can learn about the reason Asahi-chan took up the piano,

and see footage from the music video for her debut single “Tegami”

I spoke to Asahi-chan during the Hello! Project concerts,

and she said “I’m not nervous at all when I play the piano Instead, it’s fun I’m more nervous during the MCs~

Certainly Asahi-chan gives off the impression that she really enjoys singing while playing the piano

When I played and sang “Ame” at the casual dinner show, I was rea~lly nervous though…

“Asahi-chan’s amazing~ She really loves the piano…(〃▽〃)” I thought…

The day after tomorrow,
Asahi-chan will appear as the opening act at ℃-ute’s concert in Yokosuka

By the way, this program will be updated on Tuesday of next week, so please be sure to check it out

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