Blog update: “‘Kono Machi’ completed(* ´д`*)”

Practice for the play “Taklimakan” reaches the next level and Maimi is moved by the cooperation of the fans in her May 8th update titled “‘Kono Machi’ completed(* ´д`*)“. Full translation below.

Good afternoon
It’s Maimi

The wind was strong yesterday, but the sun was warm…ヽ(´ー`)ノ

A~h( ´∀`)
I walked outside while thinking

“This! This is the feeling Yaji wished for!”(^з^)lol

Yaji rea~lly loves spring, but recently the temperature has shifted between hot and cold…(´・ω・`;)

So it was a day that made me think “I love spring


we had practice for the play starting on the 31st,

Actually, we changed practice halls starting yesterday,

and when I entered saying “Good mo~rning(・o・)”,

the set had been assembled
and appeared in front of me like BOOM(゜o゜)/


As expected, when standing on the stage with its variations in heights, it’s a different feeling(・∀・)

We had practiced on a flat surface until yesterday, so we went over the sword battle on the stage with different footing,

we went over the places where we enter and leave the stage,

and we did a runthrough of just the second half…

Though it was just the second half, I was drenched in sweat( ̄▽ ̄;)

The light of the daytime shone in from the door of the practice hall,

but it became pitch black outside before I realized it,

and it made me feel “The day went by fast~Σ( ̄□ ̄)!”

We have practice again today, and there’s about 3 weeks remaining until the performances(゜o゜)/

I want to combine my power with e~veryone and put together a play that will remain in a lot of people’s hearts


The weather’s nice today(。-∀-)

I’m o~ff



Several days ago, this was in the dressing room


Poifull, which Yaji loves… And it was in a small bag

I became excited and was like “E~hヽ(≧▽≦)/ They sell something like this

Of course, everyone gobbled them up…
They were delicious

I remember there being gum that came in a small triangular bag when I was little… Did they stop selling it(´・ω・`)?

I remember I rea~lly loved them…

I’m not able to find them anymore…


Pudding we were given as snacks on the day of the serial event
It was really, really delicious

There were a lot of varieties, so we all shared~(*´ω`)



Today at 3:00PM,

a YouTube original version of the “Kono Machi” music video made with submissions to the “Minna no Kono Machi campaign” will become public

In the “Minna no Kono Machi campaign”, everyone sent in pictures of scenery packed with memories from the places they live, their hometowns, etc.

In this music video, the pictures of that scenery were combined with ℃-ute

Actually, I was shown the finished version ahead of everyone else

Though it was all places I had never been,

it made me think “This is the scenery the person who sent it in saw~“,

and it was heart-warming


A lo~t of thoughts went through my head, like

“Was this where they grew up

and “Did they walk down this road“,

and my heart was touched…


Thank you for showing us such wonderful scenery

There were a lot of submissions, so we couldn’t use all of them in the video…

But I’m really grateful for your cooperation

It’s a music video made by ℃-ute, the staff, and all of you

It’s packed with a lot of feelings from a lot of people, so I hope as many people as possible watch it…

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