Blog update: “Sendaiヽ(´ー`)ノ”

Maimi takes a look back at ℃-ute’s first concert in Sendai in 3 years and wishes a Morning Musume 10th gen member a happy birthday in her May 7th update titled “Sendaiヽ(´ー`)ノ“. Full translation below.

I’ve updated late(>_<)
It’s Maimi

Yesterday we had concerts in Sendai

It’s been 3 years since we’ve had a concert in Sendai

I feel like there were a lot of people there who usually can’t come to our concerts

The audience had that kind of atmosphere, and it felt really fresh

Also, a story I heard from the staff who were at the PA table in the audience…

At the very beginning,

there was a person in front of them who stared at the stage the e~ntire time like

“How should I react~

But halfway through, they gradually started swaying their body…

And at the end
When everyone traditionally spins their towels,

they were like “Oops(゜Д゜) I don’t have a towel~ It’s alright I’ll do it with my handsヽ(≧▽≦)/”,

and it seems they spun their bare hands in the air…

When I heard that, I was really happy

In addition, the staff told us
“There were a lot of girls in Sendai There were also a lot of people who bought your old DVDs at the venue Surely they became a fan recently and wanted to hear your older songs

I’m grateful…(>_<。)

I'm really glad we could go to Sendai for this tour after not doing so for 3 years…

A lo~t more people came to the venue than did 3 years ago, so I was really happy

Even still, we didn’t sell out the venue, so the next time we come to Sendai, we will sell it out for sure(・∀・´)

In order to do that,
we have to always put on concerts that make people think things like
“I want to come again
and “Should I bring my family and friends

℃-ute will do our best

That’s right, there’s a corner in these concerts where the member who will sing and the song they will sing are decided by lottery…

Yajima has won in each venue

Each time, we’re really nervous to see who will win…

But when the fans of all the other members united and shouted

“Oi!! Oi!!ヾ(・▽・*)”,

I was rea~lly happy

Thank you

The beef tongue lunchbox I had on the bullet train back was delicious too~(´ー`⊂)


Right now, Yaji’s whole body is “juwa juwa”(lol)

↑When I wrote that in an earlier blog, there were a lot of comments that read “I don’t understand that expression“(^。^;)

Hmmm… How should I put it…

Similar to how your legs feel from walking around Disneyland all day!!?

It’s the full body version of that (lol)

This feeling lets me know I had a concert

Is everyone who participated alright

Please get the proper rest


Everyone who couldn’t participate but still cheered for us, thank you very much as well

Was everyone able to enjoy the last day of Golden Week

I think almost everyone started a job or school today, so let’s go and have fun doing our best tomorrow too~



Today is Morning Musume’s
Satou Masaki-chan’s birthday

14-years-old, huh~
It’s young
That’s how old I was for the release of “Massara Blue Jeans”

Ma-chan has a lot of innocent points,
she’s clingy, and she’s a~lways latched on to someone

Seeing her like that is cute,
and she’s like everyone’s little sister

Even though you’ve turned 14, please continue to soothe everyone in your own way

Happy birthday


On May 15th,

the DVD and Blu-ray for our previous tour
“℃-ute Concert Tour 2012-2013 Fuyu ~Shinsei Pentagram~”

go on sale

I want those who weren’t able to participate last time,

and those who participated, to be sure to check it out

Of course, ℃-ute performed at full power at the previous tour too,

but several years from now, when you watch this concert, I’d like you to see how much we’ve grown

We’re going to keep growing ℃-ute

Everyone, please be sure to check it out


And then,
the preorder period for the special DVD containing making-of footage of the Yajima Maimi production coming out on May 27th, “My Museum”, ended yesterday,

and thank you very much for the many orders

Please look forward to it arriving

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