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Blog update: “Encounter!(^^)!”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s April 8th update, titled “Encounter!(^^)!“:

Good afternoon
It’s Maimi

The weather is s~o nice

Yesterday we had a release event for our new song “Crazy Kanzen na Otona” in Nagoya

We had a mini-concert and handshake event in a shopping mall, and I was surprised by how many people came(;O;)

Probably because it was a weekend…

But there were also a lot of small children

A papa whose child was riding on his shoulders was passing by when he saw us and came over…

At the handshake event,

I was asked “How do you say your name“…

It made me think “Ah Did this person not know about ℃-ute at all, but came and bought a CD while casually passing by“, and I became really happy…

Also, there was someone who told me this

“As I was riding the escalator a moment ago (during the concert), our eyes met, and it made me happy, so I bought a CD


No no no
I’m the one who is happy

I’m really interested in how everyone meets ℃-ute…

I’ve written about it in an earlier update…

But we don’t know when there’ll an occasion like
“I just happened to be passing by


“Our eyes met by chance…

that will cause people to think
“Let’s support these girls

But I’m thankful from the bottom of my heart that everyone has become a member of team ℃-ute for a variety of reasons

…Perhaps there are people reading this update that just happened to stumble upon ℃-ute’s blog

I think that’s fate too

At any rate, I’m glad you know about ℃-ute

While I think that~~…

As expected, I regret that our mini-concert during the release event in Hyogo was cancelled because of the rain yesterday…

Well…… We can’t change the weather……O(><;)(;><)O

I hope we can have more events in shopping malls like this…ヽ(´ー`)ノ

It was a day which made me think that again

Yesterday morning in Nagoya was chilly though…

On the way home, it was as cold as the middle of winter

It felt like we had gone back 4 monthsΣ(゜□゜;)

Everyone who came in that cold, thank you very much

I got a lot of power from being able to meet everyone

And then, thank you very much to everyone who supported us even though they couldn’t participate

I hope we have another chance to meet…

When I returned to Tokyo,
the evening atmosphere was pleasant

I was surprised that the temperature could be this different

At home,
my pet dogs came up to me holding a ball like “Play with us~~“…(〃▽〃)

As expected… my home is soothing… (lol)

Yesterday morning started with me eating normal white rice because the ingredients fell out of my onigiri,

but it became a really happy day

Have a really wonderful day today, everyone(‘∇’)


Speaking of Nagoya, Ogura Toast

A picture of me holding Ogura Toast

We drank strawberry milk with nata de coco in Nagoya

We’ll return to Nagoya on May 26th=

“℃-ute Concert Tour 2013 Haru ~Treasure Box~”

It’ll be held at the Nihon Tokushu Tougyou Shiminkaikan… So please be sure to come


Right now, on ℃-ute’s YouTube Channel,

the moment when the performance of ℃-ute Day on September 10th at Nihon Budoukan
and ℃-ute’s first overseas performance (Paris) on July 5th were announced

has been uploaded

A little earlier,
I received an e-mail from my friend that read

“I watched the video yesterday and started crying~~

I’m happy…

Even 5 days after the announcement… It still feels like a dream

It’s still early,

but please be sure to come to Nihon Budoukan on September 10th, everyone

And then, please cheer for the success of our Paris performance

Blog update: “Je t’aime( 〃▽〃)”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s April 7th update, titled “Je t’aime( 〃▽〃)“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

The weather’s cool, isn’t it(・∀・)

We had a release event in Hyogo yesterday


We had actually planned to have a mini-concert…

But because of the rain, we had to suspend the concert

Everyone who was looking forward to it, I’m really sorry

It seems there were a lot of people lined up since the morning… I’m disappointed too

I want to have a concert next time we go to Hyogo


We quickly decided to have a talk segment and handshake event, and we answered questions from everyone

It was over in the blink of an eye, but I was really happy that I could meet everyone in Hyogo

There were babies, small children, and elementary school students there, and it was really, really soothing

Everyone who participated, everyone who cheered for us, thank you so very much


Afterwards, we headed to Nagoya for today’s release event,

and everyone went out to eat Chinese food

The soup dumplings…
They were overflowing with broth, and really, really delicious

The fried rice was delicious too

The roasted pork fillet too

Everything was delicious

Food makes people happy, doesn’t it


Here’s a picture from yesterday


After arriving at the hotel,

Yaji began studying a little French


Je m’appelle Maimi Yajima…Right

By the way,
“Delicious” is “C’est bon”

“I’m happy” is “Je suis heureuse”

…Something like that

The pronunciation is difficult…( ̄∇ ̄;)
Those who are talented at it, teach me~~(´□`)lol

I’ll remember a lot before our performance in Paris on July 5th

And listen… this morning…
I ate a sausage onigiri that they were selling at the convenience store…

Yaji loves mayonnaise,

and there’s mayonnaise in the middle of the sausage onigiri,

and I love the combination of sausage and mayonnaise…

While eating it, I was looking forward to reaching the middle…

But the instant I was like

“It’s the next bite(〃▽〃)“,



The sausage fell out…(°□°)


Wha~t the~ he~ck°・(ノД`)・°・


Yaji’s anticipation……


Well, there’s days like this too…(/_;)


I’ll get it together…

And have a wonderful day from here on

Until tomorrow~


I, Yajima Maimi, will appear in the Hata-gumi play “Taklimakan”, which starts May 31st

Tickets are on sale

Please check here for details

I’m really, really nervous now
But I’ll do my best to make it a wonderful play

Please be sure to come watch

Blog update: “φ(..)Hehe”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s April 6th update, titled “φ(..)Hehe“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

It’s cold…(-_-;)
The mornings are getting cold~(=_=;)))


Everyone in ℃-ute went to karaoke at the JOYSOUND Kyoubashi store yesterday


Right now, there’s a ℃-ute x JOYSOUND collaboration campaign

In the ℃-ute room
there’s an extra large poster curtain…
We put a lo~t of graffiti on it φ(>∀<*)

Through this collaboration promotoion,
you can get goods and postcards signed by ℃-ute,

and it's your chance to see an original video you can only see here

Here are the details↓↓

The campaign is until June 30th, so everyone, please be sure to check it out


And then, yesterday I finally submitted the handmade photobook that I had been working hard on recently

About yesterday…
I was carrying the finished work in a paper bag,

and it completely fell out on the train

Yaji’s pictures…( ̄□ ̄;)!!

I picked them up at once, but it was really embarassing…(〃~〃)

When the person next to me went to help pick them up, they became like “(・o・?)”…

Even though that happened, I was able to turn it in without any problems…(´□`)=3

When I’m able to announce the release date, I’ll write about it in this blog


And then, on the 3rd, the release date of our new song “Crazy Kanzen na Otona”,

it was announced that we will hold ℃-ute Day at the Nihon Budoukan on September 10th

Even though 3 days have passed since the announcement, I’m still getting congratulatory e-mails from a variety of people

I became happy when I woke up this morning and saw that I had received some more(^-^)

In addition, even though it’s 5 months away,

my close friend sent me an e-mail that read
“○○-chan, ○○-chan, and ○○-chan said they all want to go, so we’re a~ll going together(・∀・´)”…

Amongst those coming, there were some that I hadn’t seen for so long it made me think “How many years has it been“…

When I thought “Everyone’s cheering for me~…“,

I became really happy

Again, I’m really grateful for those around me


Now then,
today we will have a release event for our new song in Hyogo


Everyone in Hyogo~
I’m coming to meet you right now≡≡≡ヽ(´ー`)ノ

I’m worried about the weather…

All of the sunny boys and sunny girls… Please do your best( ̄人 ̄;) I’m begging you…

And if you don’t mind, Berryz Koubou,
the team of sunny girls who are in Osaka,
please lend us your power~°・(ノД`)・°・

I hope today is a wonderful day…


Well then, until tomorrow~


Today is S/mileage member
Katsuta Rina-chan’s birthday

Happy birthday

When I look at Rinapu, my face becomes like this( ´∀`)

She has a full-blown so~ft and soothing aura

She’ll occasionally poke me too (lol)

Continue to soothe Yaji and a lot of people, ok

…Have a wonderful year…

“Bijo Megane” updated

The “Digimono Station” website has updated thier “Bijo Megane” (“Beautiful Girl in Glasses”) section for May with a third image of Maimi, albeit one where she’s not wearing glasses. Maimi’s “Bijo Megane” feature, along with the past weeks’ pictures, can be seen here.

Blog update: “Nagoya・Shibuya(*’-‘)”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s April 5th update, titled “Nagoya・Shibuya(*’-‘)“:

Good evening
It’s Maimi

Yesterday, Chisato and I had a release commemoration talk show and handshake event for “Crazy Kanzen na Otona” in Nagoya

There were a lot of people who we met for the first time at this event tooヽ(´ー`)ノ

Amongst those people, there were also some who said
“I became a fan just 2 weeks ago

I’m happy…

I’ve got to do my best so that team ℃-ute will grow bigger and bigger

Though it was a short time, I had fun talking to everyone

Everyone who came, everyone who cheered for us, thank you

On top of that,
we appeared on a variety of radio programs yesterday

First, CBC Radio

Broadcasting today from 12:00AM~1:00AM
“0-ji no Tsubuyaki・Nagaoka”

Please be sure to check it out later

In addition
Broadcasting on April 8th from 9:00PM~10:00PM
“Sayurin no Ongaku Rakuen”

Next are Toukai Radio programs

May 4th 7:00PM~8:30PM
“Yamaura・Fukaya no Nenriku!!”

May 12th 12:00PM~2:00PM
“Tadaki・Kawashima Cha no Ma de Shou”

May 22nd 5:25AM~5:40AM

Those who live in an area where you can listen to them, please be sure to do so

Here are pictures from yesterday

Komeda Coffee, which Nagoya is famous for

We went there for lunch
I really, really overate, so my stomach started hurting shortly after

At night,

I went with Chisato and the staff to have another one of Nagoya’s specialties,

It was rea~lly delicious

And then,
we had a release commemoration event at Tower Records Shibuya today too

We had a mini-concert and a handshake event,
so I was soaked in sweat again today

But it was really fun

Today as well,
there were a lot of people said “This is my first time seeing you in person“,

and who came from really far away just for us

There were also a lot of people who said “Congratulations on Nihon Budoukan“…

When I heard that,
it made me think “We’re going to Budoukan(≧∀≦)” and I became really happy…

Whenever I see everyone in team ℃-ute, I become really happyヽ(´ー`)ノ

I think there are also people who unfortunately couldn’t participate… But thank you very much for always supporting us

Tomorrow we have a release commemoration event at Hyogo Nishinomiya

But tomorrow… it’s supposed to storm…
The venue is outdoors… I hope we can hold the event without any problems…

Everyone, let’s make teru teru bouzu before going to bed

a ℃-ute board made by the staff at Tower Records

It was really elaborate… I was moved

In addition,
they wrote “Congratulations on Nihon Budoukan“…

Ooh, I’m so happy…(T^T)
Thank you so much for everything, Tower Records staff

We’ll continue to be indebted to you

Well then, until tomorrow’s update~ヾ(^▽^)ノ


We’re having a special pre-order for

“℃-ute Concert Tour 2013 Haru ~Treasure Box~”

for everyone who reads ℃-ute blog before the go on sale to the general public

The special pre-order is for the following performances:

June 23rd Fukuoka Shiminkaikan Dai Hall 2:30PM/6:00PM

Please go to this URL for details

The cutoff for applications is April 7th at 6:00PM

Everyone, please be sure to check it out

Blog update: “Full of happiness( 〃▽〃)”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s second April 4th update, titled “Full of happiness( 〃▽〃)

Good afternoon
It’s Maimi

Everyone… Thank you very much for the ma~ny comments congratulating us

I haven’t been able to read them all yet, but I’m already moved(T^T)

Though it will take some time, I will read all of them


The first thing I thought when I opened my eyes this morning was

“I didn’t dream… what happened yesterday… right…?”

Yeah It’s alright
It wasn’t a dream

The proof was that I had received a lot of e-mails saying

“Congratulations” from my friends and various staff・(ノД`)・°・

I’m happy…

The battle starts now ℃-ute
We’ve really gotta do our best(・∀・´)


we will have the release events for our single which went on sale yesterday,
“Crazy Kanzen na Otona”,

in Shinjuku and Nagoya

Shinjuku’s event will start at 7:30PM
at Tower Records Shinjuku
and Nacky, Airi, and Mai will appear…

Nagoya’s event will start at 6:00PM
at Leaf Walk Inazawa,
and Chisato and myself will appear

It seems all the CDs that were at the release event at Ikubukuro yesterday sold out… So I’m really happy that a lot of people have already listened to the song from the very first day of its release

When we sang “Crazy Kanzen na Otona” after the announcement of our performances at the Nihon Budoukan and Paris…

The parts that go

♪~Even though time goes by, I won’t lose~♪


♪~No matter what contradictions I experience, I won’t give up~♪

made my chest tighten…

“I’m glad I didn’t give up even though it took a long time…“,
I felt from the bottom of my heart

“The lyrics of this song have a story,
but each and every sentence has deep meaning too…“,

I again thought


Right now, I’m near Mt. Fuji, and it looks really, really beautiful

Good things keep happening…

This is a personal thing,
but my brother who lives in Tokyo came home for the first time in awhile,

and he gave me a ride to the train station this morning,

and after I got on the train I e-mailed him
“Thanks for the ride“,

and he responded

“No problem(´▽`)ノ
Have a safe trip\(^_^ )”

That alone was enough to give me power

In addition,
my hometown Saitama won the high school baseball championship

for the first time in 45 years…

I’m filled with so much happiness

I hope I can meet a lot of people in Nagoya today…

And then, after this


Chisato will appear on CBC TV’s “Gogosuma”

Chisato is a regular, so she’ll appear every week on “Gogosuma” from now

It’s really amazing(*^_^*)


And then,
today at 3:30PM~
I will appear on CBC Radio’s live program
“Kitano Makoto no Zubari”, so those who have the time, please be sure to check it out


Well then
I hope everyone in team ℃-ute has a nice day today…

Until tomorrow~


Today is Berryz Koubou’s Sugaya Risako-chan’s birthday

Risako, happy birthday
Risako has finally reached the last year of her teens

She’s having a solo birthday event today

I hope a lot of people congratulate her, and that it becomes a birthday that stays in her memory

Yesterday, Chisato made

and french toast for everyone

Thank you for always cooking(T^T)
It was delicious

A picture with Chisato during a break in the rehearsal for our spring tour

I’m soaked in sweat…

Forgive me… RA~WR(`□´)

A soothing shot I took today at home

Aroma sleeping ontop of a large dolphin pillow…

She kind of looks like a snail(lol)


The YouTube program “Hello! Station #9”
is broadcasting right now

It’s Nacky’s first appearance as an MC

In addition, it includes a clip of our performance of “Crazy Kanzen na Otona” at “Heart Beat Festa 2013”,
the performance contest held on March 29th,

so those who haven’t seen it yet, please be sure to check it out

Blog update: “Dreams become reality…”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s first April 4th update, titled “Dreams become reality…“:


I’m overwhelmed with happiness, so I’m updating for the second time


…Though I said that, the date has already changed,


but April 3rd… It became a really wonderful day

℃-ute’s performance in Nihon Budoukan, our long time dream,

has been decided

In addition, it’s on September 10th, ℃-ute Day

I was so happy

I couldn’t understand what was happening at the time…

It was a~lways, a~lways our dream to perform at Nihon Budoukan…

Even all of the fans were a~lways saying

“Take us to Budoukan” “Let’s all make the dream of Budoukan a reality


Therefore, I was really happy that we could hear this announcement together with

everyone in team ℃-ute

And everyone who couldn’t come to Ikebukuro Sunshine for various reasons and watched

the live broadcast on ℃-ute’s YouTube channel, I wonder what their expressions were

as the watched the screen the moment of the


And then, when those who were unable to watch the ℃-ute channel found out some way

or another… I wonder what they thought…

I thought a lot about everyone…

At the handshake event,
seeing everyone in team ℃-ute’s delighted faces up close,
hearing their words of blessing…

I thought “It’s thanks to these people we could realize our dream of Budoukan


and I felt like I was going to cry

There were people whose heart-felt delight brought them to tears,

and it’s really thanks to everyone, including those who couldn’t attend

the staff who have supported ℃-ute,
and then all of the fans who cheer for ℃-ute,

e~veryone achieved the dream of Nihon Budoukan together

The “℃-ute is the best” chant that started at the event venue made me really

happy too

I definitely want to meet everyone who came today,
and everyone who wasn’t able to come also, at Nihon



Just imagining it fills me with emotion…


I remember when we heard the announcement “℃-ute will have their first solo


Back then, we heard the announcement in a conference room,

and I remember thinking “We can have our own concert°・(ノД`)・°・”,

and jumping up and down with joy

However, it was difficult after that…

Having our own concert was more difficult than I had thought,

and I ran out of energy and breath…

I really had a lot of worries
There were countless times I hated myself for what I couldn’t do,

and it was a period in my life where I had become afraid…


However… There were teachers who would work together with me to figure out what we

could do in lessons and training to improve.

Now, I really love concerts
I’m always thinking to myself “I’m happy right now(≧∀≦)” during



After I started feeling that way, our audiences grew before I realized it,

and “sold out” became words that I heard often.


I think that people can tell when we’re really having fun…

While sometimes stumbling and worrying…
We were able to move forward step by step,

and though we’ve come this far, it took a long time to do so…

That’s why Budoukan has so much importance

Actually, after the event was over,
we were so happy that all of us went to the Nihon Budoukan

With the Nihon Budoukan there in front of our eyes, I thought

“On September 10th… We’ll be performing here, huh~“, and could feel its impact.

I hope that all of team ℃-ute across the country will gather there on that day,

and that ℃-ute can repay our gratitude to everyone through our concert

We’ll polish up more and more and put on a concert that remains with everyone for the rest of their lives

Those are the things I thought while we were there


After hoping and hoping,
our dream of the Nihon Budoukan finally came true…

…I hope ℃-ute standing on their dream stage will be burned into everyone’s minds

℃-ute and team ℃-ute, let’s a~ll make September 10th legendary(・ロ・´)



And then, there was one more happy announcement made at the same time…

℃-ute’s first overseas performance on July 5th was decided

In addition, it’s the place where I’ve said I wanted to visit once in my life,



I'll be able to cross the ocean and meet members of team ℃-ute who I haven't met yet~

I’m too happy
I’m sorry that we haven’t been able to meet until now

But still, there’ve been comments on our streams,
fan letters that arrived at my house,
and occasionally comments from people overseas on my updates,

and they make me think “There are people who support us like this in places we don’t know about…

…And it gives me amazing power

Though I want to show my gratitude in person, we haven’t been able to have a concert overseas, and I’ve always felt frustrated…

Therefore, I’m really happy right now

First is France

But so that we can increase the members of team ℃-ute, and so that we can show our gratitude, I hope that we can gradually go to a variety of countries and meet a variety of people…

I wonder what kind of people are in France…

Are there people who have already seen this announcement

Ooh, I can’t stop feeling giddy and excited(*´д`*)

A variety of things were decided at all once,

so I’m alternating between happiness and disbelief.

It’s a strange feeling…

But this is what it’s like when your dreams come true~ヽ(≧▽≦)/

Everyone, thank you so very much for moving ℃-ute like this

Even though our dreams have come true, ℃-ute will continue to move forward

I hope we can become a group that can achieve even the things that we haven’t dreamt about yet

But for now, we will think about how to make the performances at the Nihon Budoukan and Paris a success…

And ℃-ute will continue to do our best

Everyone, please continue to follow ℃-ute forever, ok

Team ℃-ute… I love you from the bottom of my heart

Blog update: “Young girl(*^.^*)”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s April 3rd update, titled “Young girl(*^.^*)“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi


I had a recording for the radio program that broadcasts every Friday at 10:00PM,

“℃-ute Yajima Maimi no I My MeMaimi~”

Recently I’ve gotten a lot of letters that have read
“This is my first message“,

so I’m really happy

I appeared with Nacky and Mai on USEN “Talk in the ♪ GARDEN”

It will be broadcasting from April 15th to 21st, so please be sure to check it out

From there,
the 3 of us went to a restaurant to eat nan curry…

It’s the first time I’ve eaten it in awhile~

We each ordered completely different kinds of curry,

and ate while sharing

It was rea~lly delicious

from there we went to our hometown Saitama

for a talk and handshake event

Everyone who came in the rain
Everyone who cheered for us…

Thank you very much

I was able to talk to everyone,
and it gave me lots and lots of power


Today at Ikebukuro Sunshine’s fountain plaza,
we will have a release event for our new single going on sale today,
“Crazy Kanzen na Otona”

And then
That event will be broadcast live at 5:30PM on ℃-ute’s YouTube channel

“Crazy Kanzen na Otona”…

I hope it becomes a song that as many people as possible love…

It looks like the rain is going to be a big problem today, though…

Everyone who is planning on coming anyways…

Please be careful


Huh?… Didn’t I graduate from being a rain woman…(´・ω・`)

It’s strange…(´□`;)

Just as I thought these really sunny and warm days would continue,

it’s become chilly again

Therefore, I’m relying on the fluffy pajamas that Hagi-chan gave me again


Earlier, my mom said

“Is it alright if mother wears these too” while wearing them~(lol)

Ah That’s right

Here’s a recent story that made me think
“My mom’s cute~

“Mai~ Mother is going somewhere amazing today Hehehe… Where do you think it is(〃▽〃)”

“Eh Where are you going(゜o゜;) Niigata


“Hmmm, Okinawa


It’s amazingヽ(^^)

Today I’m going with Saki-chan’s (Berryz Koubou’s Shimizu Saki) mama to get our nails done



How cute(゜o゜)\(-_-)


She said she was going somewhere amazing,

so I thought “It’s probably really amazing~“…

but it’s to get her nails done…


My mom was cute as she talked happily (lol)

I mean, she’s become interested in nails

She always thinks of my brothers and I before herself…

So I want her to start enjoying her own hobbies and things she’s interested in…

In addition, I got an e-mail from her during work which read


“Look look“,

and she had a picture from after she had her nails done…


But it was oversized, so I couldn’t see it


Nacky, who was sitting next to me, said

“As expected of Yaji’s mama“…


What’s that supposed to mean?(・ロ・)lol


Ah I’ve gotta get ready

Well then, until tomorrow’s update…


With Aroma-chan, who greeted me at the door last night

Right now she’s sleeping at my feet…


And the way she’s sleeping is so cute…(〃~〃)

Sweet dreams~

℃-ute to perform in Paris

Along with the announcement that ℃-ute will perform at the Nippon Budoukan on September 10th (℃-ute Day), it was also announced that ℃-ute will have their first overseas event this summer in Paris, France. The event will take place on July 5th and will be titled “℃-ute Cutie Circuit ~VOYAGE A PARIS~”. Few other details are available at the moment, but I’ll update again when they are.

Update: UpFront Link has posted more information on the event, including the venue and ticket information. The concert will be held at the La Cigale theater, which according to Wikipedia, can only accomodate up to at most 1389 people. The tickets will go on sale April 8th, and will run 38.80€ plus fees.

“Crazy Kanzen na Otona” live event broadcast

Tomorrow is the release date for ℃-ute’s 21st single “Crazy Kanzen na Otona”, and it’s been announced that their release commemoration event on the same day will be broadcast live from Ikebukuro Sunshine City over ℃-ute’s official YouTube channel. The event will start at 5:30PM JST (4:30AM EST), so if you’re able to, be sure to tune in and celebrate the release of the new single with the girls and those in attendance.

Update: An archive of the event was uploaded to their YouTube channel after the event, so I’ve updated the article with that video for those who missed it.

Blog update: “April Fools'(  ̄◇ ̄;)”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s April 2nd update, titled “April Fools'(  ̄◇ ̄;)“:

Everyo~ne O(><;)(;><)O
It’s Maimi

I’m sorry for not updating yesterday, even though I wrote I would

It seems I fell asleep midway through typing…

Everyone who was waiting for my update… I’m really sorry

Here’s yesterday’s update↓↓


I’m sorry for updating late


We’ve entered the month of April

The date has already changed, so it’s already yesterday,

but it was April Fools’ day

Everyone… did you trick someone

Yaji was tricked by a lot of people today…(^-^;

The first one to set a trap for me was Hagi-chan(°∇°;)

“Mai’s mama left our house today(>_<) It seems her and papa got into a fight, and she said she's not coming home today…”

is what she told me…!!!!

“No way(;゜ロ゜)? Eh?… Where will your mama go…O(><;)(;><)O”

“Maimi-chan(  ̄▽ ̄) Do you know what day it is today

“Ah…(°∇°;) April Fools’??

Wha~t the~ he~ck((○(>_<)○)) Oo~h(●`ε´●)

Ah!('∇') Mai, have you tricked anyone else?

I think I’ll try tricking Chisato…( ̄ー* ̄)”


“No wa~y! I don’t think Chisato will be fooled~(。-∀-)”

Even though Mai said that…


When Chisato and I were alone, I said

“Ah Listen, I’m going to start living by myself(・o・)

And then, completely fooled she said

“Eh!!!!(゜Д゜) No way(゜o゜) From when??”


“Who~a You got me
She was frustrated( ´艸`)lol



But listen, while I was flying high,

I met Takeuchi Akari-chan and


(It’s rea~lly sensitive timing, but this is where my update stopped
I’ll continue from here, ok(・-・´))

I met Takeuchi Akari-chan and
Nakanishi Kana-chan at the office, and they said

Naka: “Yajima-san

Take: “Listen, Akari is going to dye her hair blonde

Me: “Eh You’re kidding, right

Naka: “It’s true Kana is going to dye her hair brown too

Me: “Ah~(・o・) Brown seems like it’d suit you, huh


Naka: “It’s a lie

I never thought those 2 would trick meヽ(゜ロ゜;)ノ


I was completely tricked┓( ̄∇ ̄;)┏

I was trying to imagine blonde-haired Take-chan in my mind with all my might though…(´□`)lol

However, that mischevious S/mileage… They’re cute


And then,
Chisato and I appeared as guests on Ameba Studio’s “Wata@Ame” yesterday


In addition
The play “Sakura no Hanataba”, which recently finished its run, was broadcast on USTREAM with live commentary the day before yesterday

Everyone who checked it out

Everyone who wasn’t able to see the broadcast,
but still supported us

Thank you very much

Nacky, Mai, and myself


Airi and Chisato

will split up and have talk and handshake events in

Saitama (Itoyokado Nishikichou store)

and Yokohama (Tressa Yokohama)

Those who have the time, please be sure to come and meet ℃-ute


℃-ute’s 21st single

“Crazy Kanzen na Otona”

will finally come out tomorrow

When we first got the song,

we wondered
“What the heck happened to the girl in the lyrics
and all of us talked it over,

and we had a variety of perspectives

It’s a song where they’ve grown tired of themselves up to this point,

and they make the decision

“From here on I’m going to live in my own way, and grab freedom with my hands

I wonder if there will be people who emphasize with this song when they hear it…

It’d be nice if gives those people courage

I hope a lot of people listen to it…

Last is a bonus picture

A picture from a break in rehearsal yesterday


Well then, I’ll go cheerfully today


Today is Miyazaki Yuka-chan’s birthday

She has a modest and really girly image

When we were together earlier,
we talked about a variety of things… her family, her school, her coming to Tokyo

I want to learn more and more about Miyazaki-chan

Have a wonderful year…
Happy birthday

Blog update: “Announcement”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s April 1st update, titled “Announcement“:

Good evening
It’s Maimi

I’ve come with an announcement ε=┌( ・_・)┘

I’ll make my usual update later

Later today,

at 9:00PM~

Chisato and I will appear on “Wata@Ame!”,

broadcasting live from the Ameba Studio

The MCs are Zabunguru-san
We’ll talk a lot for about one hour

Please be sure to check it out

@@@AmebaStudio@@@ broadcasts at

the Ameba Studio site

Ameba Pigg


It’s possible to watch it anywhere on the Ameba blog site at the same time

Ameba Studio Twitter!/AmebaStudio

April Fools!

While it’s no joke that I’m a big fan of Morning Musume’s Iikubo Haruna, MaimiLog’s switch to the Haruna fansite “Iikublog” was. For those who might’ve missed out on it, and because I don’t want all that time I spent on Haruna’s posts to go to waste, I archived everything related to the April Fools gag here. Thanks to everyone for your comments on Twitter and Facebook, and for being such good sports!

Maimi appearing on “Wata@Ame”

Maimi will be appearing on the “Wata@Ame” USTREAM show on the AmebaStudio channel later today. Maimi will be appearing with ℃-ute member Okai Chisato and talking with the hosts, the comedic duo Zabunguru. The program will begin at 9:00PM JST (8:00AM EST).