Blog update: “Moved…(>_< 。)"

Maimi had an emotional day both in and out of play practice, the details of which she shares along with some super-cute shots from her upcoming photobook in her April 25th update titled “Moved…(>_< 。)“. Full translation below.

Good evening
It’s Maimi

I’m sorry for updating late

I had practice again today for the play

which will be held from May 31st to June 10th
at Higashi Ikebukuro Owl Spot

and on June 11th
at Osaka Sankei Hall Breeze

I watched the practice of the scenes I’m not in, and my eyes started to well up…

Sniff, sniff~ It’s moving

While sitting at the edge of the practice hall, I was immersed in the world of the play…

Today I went out to eat with the Nakano-san, the play’s director, and a person who has recently always been a part of ℃-ute’s management…

There were a lot of deep conversations… and I again felt moved

Actually, the person who has been working with ℃-ute is the same age as me,

and today was their last day working on location with ℃-ute

They had been watching us since the start of rehearsal for ℃-ute’s tour,

and they said to me
“I watched last week’s tour performance, and when I thought ‘We were able to make a concert like this~‘, I became emotional…

And when I saw everyone in the audience during the performance, I thought ‘Everyone is so warm~‘ and I started to cry…

I wondered things like ‘Am I this easily moved to tears” as I watched…”

That made me really happy…°・(ノД`)・°・

Thanks for everything you did for us up to today

I hope we can work together again…

I thought about a variety of things and was moved today,
both during practice for the play
and during my conversations with Nakano-san and the manager

Let’s make tomorrow another wonderful day

Good night


Hello! Station #12,

Morning Musume special ①, is currently broadcasting
Congratulation on reaching #1 on the Oricon charts twice in a row, Morning Musume

I also congratulate them during the clip
℃-ute will work hard so we don’t lose

And then,
in the issue of “UTB” that went on sale April 23rd,

there are pictures from the photobook I produced,
which goes on sale May 27th,
prior to me decorating them

Off-shots from the photoshoot


Please be sure to check this out too


Last is a bonus

Yaji’s favorite,
blood orange juice

It’s all I’ve drank recently

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