Blog update: “Leaden~(~ ー~;)”

Maimi feels the effects of the weekend’s ℃-ute concerts, previews her upcoming photobook “My Museum”, and snacks on a Okinawan speciality in her April 22nd update titled “Leaden~(~ ー~;)“. Full translation below.

Good morning
It’s Maimi


Everyone who participated in ℃-ute’s concert yesterday and the day before… Do you have muscle soreness~

Rather than sore, Yaji’s body feels leaden

Will I start feeling muscle pain a little later
…Recently it’s come late…(;´д`)


Just now, when I ran with all my energy to transfer trains, my legs became like wet noodles……

As expected, ℃-ute’s concerts are intense~ヽ(≧▽≦)/(lol)


Everyone with muscle soreness
Let’s do our best all day today

Pictures from the dressing room yesterday


Now then, changing the subject,
yesterday I was shown the “color proof” for the Yajima Maimi produced “My Museum”,
which will be released on May 27th

The color proof is the final stage where they print out all of the pictures to check the color

I attached a variety of things like cotton, knitting wool, stones, etc. to the pictures, and those were printed as well, so the pictures looked three-dimensional, and it was interesting(^-^)

The photobook itself is a smaller size than previous ones..

It’s a convenient size which you can carry around\(^-^)/

A picture from the shoot for the photobook


No~w then
The weather is really nice today

This morning I ate “sea grapes”,
an Okinawa speciality

They pop, pop, popped in my mouth…
And they were really delicious~ヽ(´ー`)ノ

And then, there’s something I’ve rea~lly been looking forward to today

I’m excited((o(^-^)o))

A new week starts today, so let’s go and do our best

Until tomorrow~

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