Blog update: “Curtains raised((o(^-^)o))”

℃-ute’s tour “~Treasure Box~” has started at long last, and Maimi expresses all of her post-concert excitement in her April 21st update titled “Curtains raised((o(^-^)o))“. Full translation below.

Good evening
It’s Maimi

The curtains were finally raised for
“℃-ute Concert Tour 2013 Haru ~Treasure Box~”

The performances yesterday and today were held at Harmony Hall Zama


It was s~o fuuuun

This tour is packed with a lot of contents,

so it feels like it’s over as soon as it starts( ;∀;)

Concerts are fun, as expected~ヾ(^▽^)ノ

And then, everyone’s smiles make Yaji happy~

I was super happy

I hope we were able to give everyone a happy time too~(〃▽〃)

And then, right now I’m immersed in both pleasant exhaustion and the afterglow of the concert

I’ve got to take proper care of myself before bed

Thank you for everything today, Yaji’s body

I’ve got to properly thank it

Everyone who participated, it’s probably best if you massage yourself before you sleep

After our concerts are over, we’re starving

So we all stuff ourselves with food

‘Cause we moved around and sweat a lot

There are still things we have to work on m(._.)m
But I hope we can solve the problems,
and grow during each step of this tour…

Yaji loves the concerts made by ℃-ute, the staff,
and all of you

Everyone who cheered for us even though they couldn’t attend, thank you very much too

I want to try meeting everyone in team ℃-ute someday~

There’s probably a lot of people we haven’t met yet~


I’m still excited after the concerts end,

and I can’t settle down at all…

At any rate, I think I’ll sleep soundly tonight


Please have wonderful dreams, everyone~

Good night



A picture of everyone together in our pirate costumes

My mom came and watched our first performance on opening day, and she gave us treats~

Mini fruit tart

After moving around, I start wanting to eat fruit… Is it just me

Therefore, I was really happy~

E~veryone ate some, and we cleaned out the box~

Mother… thanks

Last is a treasure box

A staff member came all the way to Zama to watch our concert… and they brought this with them

A treasure box, which the tour is named after…

In addition, there was one for each member in their member color

And that’s not all

Inside these treasure chests were everyone’s favorite snacks

Yaji loves cherries,

so there was cherry candy in mine

If I’m not mistaken, Nacky’s were Ritz Bits cheese crackers…

Airi’s was green tea treats

Chisato was rumand

Mai was Haribo gummy bears…

Thank you very much for the stylish present

I’ll treasure it



Introductions of the goods for this tour can be seen on ℃-ute’s YouTube channel


Nacky and Mai’s goods introduction


Chisato and my goods introduction

Airi’s is…( ´艸`)
Will it be uploaded later~
Look forward to it~


I have something I need to apologize for.

On the current tour,
we perform a version of “Kono Machi” with lines that were chosen from the ones everyone submitted.

We received a lot of submissions, from all 47 prefectures of Japan. Thank you so very much.

Today, we sang a version of “Kono Machi” with the lines from “Mikicho-san”,
which were choosen from a lot of submissions.

“How nostalgic, this town.
I always took the bus to school.
On the days we had no club activities, everyone walked home noisily.
We were probably a neighborhood nuisance.
Now everyone is walking on different paths.
Yeah. I’ve gotta do my best too.”


“I wonder if everyone’s doing well?
I wonder if everyone is already married? But I want to get together with everyone and play portball like when we were in club.
Even though we didn’t have boyfriends back then, we were satisfied with our lives!
I won’t say it because it’s embarassing, but I’m grateful!
I love this town!”

Even though they sent us such wonderful lyrics, I made a mistake during my lines.

They went through great trouble to think of the lyrics and send them to us, so I’m really sorry.

And then, I apologize to everyone in the venue.

The tour is ongoing. I’ll do my best not to make the same mistake again(・ー・´)

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