Blog update: “Let’s Fukuoka o(^o^)o”

Maimi gets even more fired up for the upcoming tour after rehearsal, gives the fans a run down of her schedule in Fukuoka, and talks more about her dogs’ escape escapades in her April 18th update titled “Let’s Fukuokao(^o^)o“. Full translation below.

Good morning
It’s Maimi

It finally starts the day after tomorrow

℃-ute’s spring tour

Being able to have another tour in the spring shortly after the winter tour finished…

I’m so happy…

Yesterday, we had the final rehearsal for the spring tour, which is called “generalprobe”


Our producer Tsunku♂-san also came to check on everything,


and he came up with several ways to improve the concert
like “Let’s do this part that way
This way

I’ve gotta commit them to muscle memory right away(・∀・´)

However, it was as fun as expected

Even the rehearsals are fun It’s the best


Everyone else has also said so,

but it feels like time flies so fast during this tour that even we’re like “Eh It’s already over\(◎o◎)/”

And then, when I read Tsunku♂-san’s tweets yesterday… I felt like I was going to cry(>_<)

We’ll make this tour the best of the best of the best~~~°・(ノД`)・°・



Now then,
today Nacky, Mai, and myself are going to Fukuoka

We will appear on various TV and radio programs, like

at 2:20PM~
on the live public broadcast of the LOVEFM program

and at 4:10PM~
on the live public broadcast of the RKB Radio program
“THE☆Hit Jouhou”

Those who have the time, please be sure to check them out

And then,
at 6:30PM~,
we’ll have a release commemoration talk show & handshake event at Tower Records Fukuoka
for “Crazy Kanzen na Otona

I’m looking forward to meeting everyone in Fukuoka


Changing the subject to the incident of Aroma’s escape, which I wrote about yesterday…┓( ̄∇ ̄;)┏

When I returned home, I asked my mom
“How did you catch Aroma!?(´□`)”,

and she responded

“I said ‘Aro-chan! Gorogoro is coming‘,

and she came dashing back“( ̄∇ ̄;)

…I see…
That was an option…( ̄~ ̄)


By the way,

“gorogoro” means thunder and storm to Aroma…

She’s scared of the sound

On the days it thunders or storms, she scrambles up my legs and sits on my lap shivering(^-^;)

There’s also been times she’s crawled under the sofa and shivered…


Even though I’m sure my mom scolded her when she was caught,

when my mom left the house,
she didn’t learn her lesson and tried to escape again…(m´Д`)m

Sigh (lol)
┓( ̄∇ ̄;)┏



My mom yelling “Aroma

stopped her dead in her tracks,

and she rolled up her tail and came back dejectedly like “I’m so~rry(/_・、)”…(lol)


She’s a really troublesome dog (lol) But it’s cute as well

By the way, as for Aroma’s mother, Cologne!?…

She’s cowardly, and doesn’t have the bravery to do that

She always looks at Aroma’s actions enviously, and she takes 1 step like she’s going to mimic Aroma…

But then she reverses and gives up like “Hmm…(>_<) I can't do it…(;´д`)"(〃▽〃)lol

The parent and child have completely different personalities
It’s funny~(*^.^*)


But, the Jack Russell Terrier Rookie-kun…

I don’t have to worry about him at all

He always walks right alongside his master

Even if he stops,

we just slap our thigh and say “Heel“, and he’ll return to our side

How smart~(*´д`*)

Well… There was also a time when Rookie went missing as a child, and we were really concerned

Whenever I talk about doggies my updates become long…(^ー^;A


Well then, lastly I have an announcement

The release date and title of my handmade photobook has been decided

The title is
“My Museum”
It will go on sale May 27th

Pre-orders are being accepted right now

Yajima Maimi collected work “My Museum” Wanibooks Online Store

Also, pre-orders for a special DVD containing making-of footage has started on e-LineUP!

This is the URL

I participated in the planning meeting and said “I want to make this kind of photobook“,

and I myself added various decorations to the pictures taken

I want everyone to be sure to check it out


Well then, let’s go cheerfully today too

Until tomorrow’s update~



Large earthquakes are continuing to happen… Everyone, are you alright?

If an earthquake happens, please immediately take precautions to protect yourself, ok

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  1. Once of Maimi’s earliest updates was one about a time Rookie ran away:

    Perhaps that’s the incident she’s referring to in this update.

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