Blog update: “Rumpled~(´▽`;)”

Maimi reminisces about art lessons from her early years and gets hype about ℃-ute’s spring tour in her April 16th update titled “Rumpled~(´▽`;)“. Full translation below.

Good afternoon
It’s Maimi



It’s hot, so I took off my jacket…

When I left my house and walked outside today,

I saw windows of my neighbors’ houses decorated with pictures made with color cellophane

Seeing that was rea~lly nostalgic…ヽ(´ー`)ノ


Either in elementary school or middle school, I made the same thing during my art lessons~

Color cellophane is beautiful when the sun hits it, so I’d immediately decorate the window with it too…

I thought “Ah~ There’s probably a child around that age living in that house~“…

And it made me feel all warm and fuzzy( ´∀`)


Now then
We had rehearsal for our spring tour yesterday

There’s 4 days remaining until the performance

I’m so excited

All of the other members often write about it in their blogs, but we sweat an incredible amount each and every time

When I’m taking note of the things our teachers say we need to work on,


“Drip drip…”


My sweat drips onto the paper and it becomes rumpled (lol)

No matter how much I wipe off my sweat, it doesn’t stop~


But, sweating feels good, doesn’t it(^o^)

I’ll sweat a lo~t today too


And then, I’ll attach a picture of my pet dog Rookie-kun…

I wrote about it in an earlier update,

but a young boy I’m related to…
He loves Rookie,

so he’ll point out the window the entire time,
and say “Woof woof Woof woof

When I took him outside…
See for yourself


Rookie also really enjoyed playing with him…ヾ(^▽^)ノ


And then, I have an announcement

The commercial for ℃-ute DVD magazine vol.31, which goes on sale April 20th, has been uploaded

This time, everyone goes on a treasure hunt
Are we able to get the treasure, as expected

It will be on sale at the concert venue and on U/F ONLINE, so please be sure to check it out



Well then, let’s continue to have a wonderful day~

Until tomorrow~(´ 3`)

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