Blog update: “6 more days!!(゜o ゜)/”

Maimi gives a rundown of the local specialties she ate along with a report on the state of ℃-ute’s spring tour rehearsal in her April 14th update titled “6 more days(゜o ゜)/. Full translation below.

Good afternoon
It’s Maimi

This is sudden… but I have something I want to talk about(≧∀≦)

The karinto manjuu I bought as souvenirs in Fukushima… is delicious…(T^T)

Ah Also,
I ate “kurumiyubeshi” in Fukushima


And then, I had the pickled long eggplant I bought in Sendai as a souvenir for breakfast this morning…

It was delicious

My mom loves pickled eggplant too, and she said “Mm~(´ー`⊂) It’s delicious…


Being able to eat a lot of tasty things makes me happy

Now then,
there’s 1 week remaining until our spring tour

During this tour,

we’ll debut a special version of “Kono Machi” which uses the lines that everyone gave us during the “Minna no Kono Machi” campaign

We had a project where everyone put the dialect and specialities of their hometowns in the song’s spoken lines,

and we would perform it on tour

We read the lines everyone sent in

It felt like I could envision that person’s memories of their hometown, and it was really heartwarming

All of us were like “Whoa~ Isn’t this wonderful“, and we became excited

I’m kind of envious of everyone’s dialect…

Recently ℃-ute has talked about things like that often


And then, right now I’m on break from rehearsal


We’re rehearsing with the microphones starting today

It makes me feel like we’ve reached the end of rehearsal~(≧∀≦)

I can’t wait~ヾ(^▽^)ノ… Or should I say, rehearsal is fun too

I wonder what it’ll be like when everyone else is there for the actual performance…

No matter if there are unpleasant things or things that make you depressed, you can forget them when you’re with ℃-ute
…℃-ute will have fun and do our best so that everyone can have a fun time like that(・∀・´)

Well then, I’ll continue to do my best at rehearsal

Until tomorrow~(^-^)v


Team Okai’s new “Odotte Mita!” production has been uploaded to the ℃-ute channel on YouTube

This time
they do the dance for Morning Musume’s new song

Please be sure to check it out

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