Blog update: “Sendai Fukushima”

Maimi gives a recap of her busy day yesterday and shows off her freshly trimmed tresses in her April 13th blog update titled “SendaiFukushima“. Full translation below.

Good evening
It’s Maimi

It seems like there was a big earthquake in the Kansai region this morning,

but are all of you living in Kansai alright?

Earthquakes will probably continue happening, and we don’t know when the next big one will hit,

so please be prepared to protect yourselves

I hope nothing bad happens to anyone…



Yesterday, in Sendai,
Nacky, Chisato, Mai, and myself

recorded a comment video that will air April 16th
at 7:20AM on
TBC Touhoku Housou’s
“Watchin Miyagi”,

and we were interviewed for TBC Touhoku Housou Radio’s
which will broadcast on April 17th
at 9:00AM

we took a “Doko Demo Door” to Fukushima


…Sorry… Just kidding m(。_。)m

We had a filming for Fukushima Chuuou TV’s
“Nijou-han Record”,
which will broadcast at 12:50AM


And then,
we appeared on the live broadcast of Fukushima FM’s
“Fukushima TOWN BEAT”

Thank you for the many messages

And then, and then,
in the end we had a release commemoration handshake event for “Crazy Kanzen na Otona”

at Tower Records Sendai Parco

I was really happy that I was able to meet everyone in Sendai

Airi couldn’t be there yesterday,
but I hope you will all come see all 5 members of ℃-ute when we gather for the concert in Sendai on May 6th

Last night’s dinner was…




As expected of Sendai’s specialty
It was really, really, really, really delicious, so I immediately bought some to take back home

In addition,
I bought sasakama,
karintou manjuu, naganasu…

I bought a lo~t of souvenirs(〃▽〃)


That’s right
I’m suddenly changing the subject,

but Yaji got a hair cut
There were people who noticed in the picture I attached on yesterday’s update

My hair had become rea~lly long, so I had thought

“I want to cut it soon~

I got it cut 15cm shorter
It’s refreshing It’s neat


My hair feels lighter during rehearsal for the spring tour too, so it’s fun

Actually, I’m on break from rehearsal right now, and I’ll continue to do my best after this

Until tomorrow~


Continuing from Sendai yesterday,

a release commemoration handshake event in Fukuoka for ℃-ute’s “Crazy Kanzen na Otona” has been decided\(^o^)/ Yes

・Time: 2013/4/18 (Thur) 6:30PM~

・Venue: Tower Records Fukuoka 3F Event Space
・Appearing: Yajima Maimi, Nakajima Saki, Hagiwara Mai (℃-ute)

Those who have the time, please be sure to participate

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