Blog update: “Yesterday~Today(^^)”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s April 10th blog update, titled “Yesterday~Today(^^)“:

Good afternoon
It’s Maimi


I had a recording for the radio program that broadcasts every Friday at 10:00PM,
“℃-ute Yajima Maimi no I My MeMaimi~”

I received letters congratulating us on the performances at Nihon Budoukan and Paris
Letters about people’s first encounters with ℃-ute…

I received a lot of letters that made me happy

Thank you very much


After the recording was over,
I went to eat dinner early with the staff

And there was something surprising

A female staff member who has been working with ℃-ute recently…

As we were talking, I realized that she’s the same age as me(゜o゜)/

She’s completely calm, unlike me, so I always thought she was older~~

The radio’s sound staff are also the same age…

The number of staff members around me who are of the same generation increased recently

I started this job when I was in elementary school, so the staff members around me were always older…

I had gotten used to that situation, so it feels really strange to me

However, I get power from seeing people the same age as me working like this

Afterwards, we had block rehearsal for our spring tour
(It’s called a block rehearsal when we rehearse all the songs between one MC and the next)

There are 10 days remaining until the spring tour

I can’t wait

As expected, ℃-ute loves concerts

I really want to make everyone smile soon(≧∀≦)

Ah Also,
I decided on the cover of my handmade photobook which will go on sale later

I decorated the letters of the title on the cover this morning(・∀・´)

I placed beads using a pair of tweezers…

I completed it without any problems

Here’s the toolbox Yaji relied on for countless days…(lol)

Thanks… my toolbox
Speaking of which…

Making things is one of my hobbies, so I put aside gift bags and decorative ribbons that came with fans’ presents that made me think “I can use this~“…

I made good use of them for the handmade photobook too

It’s a collaboration with my fans
As I was making it, that thought made me happy(^-^)


Thank you very much for cooperating (lol)

In addition, I looked at the fan letters and presents I mentioned in yesterday’s update

I haven’t read all of the letters yet, but I could really feel their warmth,

and they made me think

“People take Yaji into consideration as much as they do themselves…

How can they be so kind“(^T)

Whenever I experience kindness like that, I start to love peoplelol

Ah It’s also a lyric in ℃-ute’s “LALALA Shiawase no Uta”

“I love people~“…

When I’m singing it, I empathize like
“Yeah(´□`) Yeah(´□`)“…

Yaji loves team ℃-ute(*´з`)

And, I’ll decorate the entranceway and living room with the miscellaneous goods I received as presents right away

I’ll use the health and aroma goods right away

And I’ll use the other everyday items too…

There’s a lot of things I’ll use from now on

I’ll cherish each one as I use them
Thank you very much



A~lright Well then, I hope there is still more happiness waiting for everyone today…

Until tomorrow~

Thanks to everyone’s support, “Crazy Kanzen na Otona” is number 3 on the weekly charts

Thank you very much

It’s the first song we sang after our performances at Nihon Budoukan and Paris were announced…

Though the lyrics haven’t changed, they have a different meaning to me now… And they cause my chest to tighten…

I hope that everyone will continue to love “Crazy Kanzen na Otona”,
which is a song that all of us have a strong emotional attachment to…


The YouTube program “Hello! Station #10” was uploaded on Wednesday of this week
Nacky is the MC

There’s a variety of segments like backstage footage from our release event at Ikebukuro Sunshine on April 3rd,

all of us going to the Nihon Budoukan after the announcement of our performance there, etc…

Please be sure to check it out


In addition
I will be appearing in the play Hatagumi vol.5 “Taklimakan”,

which will be held at Ikebukuro Owl Hall
from May 31st to June 10th,

and Osaka Sankei Hall Breeze
on June 11th

Tickets can be purchased here

Actually, “Taklimakan” was the first play by Hatagumi that I ever saw

I hope I can move everyone the same way I was moved at that time…

I’ll do my best


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