Blog update: “Tug, tug…( ´ー`)σ”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s April 11th update, titled Tug, tug…( ´ー`)σ“:

Good afternoon
It’s Maimi

Today, April 11th, is Mano Erina-chan’s birthday

She became a year older than me again~(._.)

Wait for me~ε=ε=┏(´Д`)┛lol

We haven’t met in awhile,
so I wonder if she’s doing well(*´ω`)

Earlier, I saw Mano-chan in the newspaper

It seems she’s been filming for a drama every day…

I’m really looking forward to its broadcast

I hope Mano-chan continues to run forward while taking care of her health as a 22-year-old(´∀`)

Have a wonderful year

Even though…

As expected…(  ̄▽ ̄)
It’s raining(。-∀-)

Hehehe…( ´艸`)


And then,
℃-ute had rehearsal for our spring tour yesterday



It was really funヽ(≧∀≦)/

Everyone shouted


Everyone who is coming,

please prepare to shout “Whoaaaaaaa” as well(〃▽〃)lol


I’m suddenly changing the subject, but something happened earlier that tugged at my heartstrings(〃~〃)

Before I left for work,
I was thinking “What should I wear~“, and putting together my outfit

“Hmmm… That’s not right…(゜゜)ノ⌒

“This isn’t right either…(゜゜)ノ⌒

Before I realized it, my bed was covered in clothes,

and when I thought




A cute pair of eyes…
They’re looking at me from an opening in the huge pile of clothes

When I tried removing the clothes…

It was my family’s pet dog,

“Cologne~(>ω<) Were you here the entire time(*>д<*)

Clothes kept getting piled on top of her… But she didn’t get mad or try to leave

She just kept staring blankly at me…ヽ(´ー`)ノ

The day before yesterday too
She was sleeping soundly next to me,

and I was gazing at her(・ω・)
Her mouth was so cute I couldn’t stand it…(っ▽〃)

It’s like a rubber seal ←Does that make sense!?

In addition~
Her tongue was sticking out just a little bit

Though it’s inexcusable, I played with her mouth as she slept…(´ー`)σ

But it was cute how Cologne still kept sleeping soundly…

Thanks for soothing Yaji


Now then, is our Oka-chan doing her best on the live broadcast of CBC TV’s “Gogosuma” right now

It’s a Nagoya program, so I can’t watch it, but I’ll send Oka-chan my power(*´ー`)っ


Let’s continue to have a wonderful day

Until tomorrow’s update~



Nacky, Chisato, Mai, and myself will have a release commemoration handshake event for our new single
“Crazy Kanzen na Otona”

at Tower Records Sendai Parco store
at 7:00PM~

We went to Sendai for the release event of “Kono Machi” as well, and I’m really happy that I can go and meet everyone in Sendai again

However, tomorrow is Airi’s birthday
Airi can’t appear because of her birthday event

Everyone in Sendai… I’m sorry

I hope Airi will enjoy the event and have a wonderful birthday

I want us to be able to deliver Airi’s gratitude to everyone in Sendai too

I’m waiting for a lot of people to come

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