“I My Me” navigator message for March 29th

Here’s the translation of Maimi’s navigator message for March 29th on the “℃-ute Yajima Maimi no I My Me Maimi~” website:

Today’s theme is “Heh heh! I’m proud!”
℃-ute performed in the play “Sakura no Hanataba” until the 24th.
This was a special play where we performed in 3 halls at the same time, so the performing members had to run back and forth between the 3 halls.

The longest distance we had to run up the stairs in the small window of time was from the basement to the 5th floor,
and for someone like me who has loved exercise since I was a kid, I was confident in my ability to go up and down the stairs (lol)

After we finished a dress rehearsal in the 3 halls simultaneously before the opening day,
it seems there was the gossip “Yajima is fast!” going around the theater staff (lol)
I was told “Without Yajima’s legs, this would never work!”,
and once again I thought “I’m grateful to my parents!”

The staff members would communicate with each other “Yajima has just left the middle hall!”,
and I heard that as they were thinking “They just contacted us!”,
they could immediately hear the sound of footsteps running up the stairs,
and were surprised “Whoa! She’s fast!” each time (lol)

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