Blog update: “Sakura no Hanataba(/_;)”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s March 25th update, titled “Sakura no Hanataba(/_;)“:

Good evening
It’s Maimi

Yesterday, we finished all of the performances of the play “Sakura no Hanataba”, which began on March 14th

When I heard that we’d be performing in 3 halls simultaneously, and as such the members would have to run back and forth between the 3 halls during the performances,

I thought “Something amazing is beginning(゜o゜)/

I was prepared for the challenge in the beginning,

but when practice started,
more problems arose than I had imagined…

Honestly, I felt anxious and impatient every day

But the reason that my spirit didn’t break at that time

was because of the passion of a lot of people involved with the play

The staff who calculated the time every day on little sleep so that we’d be able to move between the 3 halls with the right timing.

Tsubota Fumi-san, who had to make countless changes to the script she worked hard on to adjust to the timing.

“Alright!! I’ll memorize the script quickly, and then think about my character’s feelings!!”

With that in mind,
I memorized my lines and talked a lot with my costar Marika-chan on how to portray my feelings,

but on one day close to the performances,
we were told that there was no way to get the timing to match up, so it was necessary that the script be completely changed.

I had to remember the script from the beginning again, rethink my character’s feelings, and reorganize everything in my head…

Because I had been working seriously, I became frustrated,

and I started to become anxious and impatient like

“Will I be ready in time for the performance?… No, I’ve gotta be ready!!

However, I think the person who was most troubled by this was Tsubota Fumi-san.

Writing just one story is difficult enough, but writing 3 stories…! By yourself…! In addition, she had to write the story while thinking about the time it’d take to perform…

How difficult that must be…

I think she was definitely frustrated that she had to change something that she had finally finished

In addition, Ooiwa-san, who had to direct 3 plays by herself…
She’s really amazing

Whenever there was a scene we didn’t appear in during practice, we each took breaks and ate…

But Ooiwa-san was directing us the entire time without taking a break

Even though we only had to think of one story, our heads were full…

When making 3 plays,
there are going to be some inconsistencies…

Ooiwa-san was always troubled with how to overcome those problems while keeping in mind the timing

she would say things like “No no, there’s definitely a solution We can’t compromise at a time like this“…

She was always giving us reassuring words

There were a lot of people who were giving their all,
so we definitely couldn’t complain!!

On the contrary, it made me think “If I believe, things will definitely work out somehow” and always gave me a ton of power to work hard

Again, I felt it was amazing how people’s determination and passion rubs off on other people

The day when we did a full rehearsal for the lighting, sound, costume, etc. staff…

The training room was filled with staff members.

“That’s right!! Since we’re performing in 3 halls at once, there’s 3 times as many staff as usual

…When I saw the amount of people, I again thought that performing in 3 halls simultaneously is an amazing thing.

Including the staff who weren’t there, this play is going to open through the cooperation of a lot of people…

I felt…

At rehearsal, we couldn’t get the timing to move between the 3 halls even once,

and we went to the theater filled with anxiety,

but we were able to make the performance a success thanks to the many people who supported us!

Also, after the play had started, the staff were worried our legs would get fatigued going up and down the stairs, so they gave us compresses

We were really surrounded by wonderful staff

And then, my buddy
Fukunaga Marika-chan…

It was an extremely fresh feeling putting on a play with a girl who is the same age as myself

Since we’re the same age, I could ask her a lot of things without needing to worry

We were able to talk a lot

I was really happy…

It was fun receiving motivation from her and learning something new about her every day…

I’m really glad that I was able to be in a play with Marika-chan

I’m grateful to fate for bringing us together

And then, I’m grateful I was able to meet my role, Hirano Sakiko, too

The time I spent thinking about, worrying about, and making discoveries about Sakiko will definitely be useful to me from here on out

I still have thoughts like “Could I have done it like this? Could I have done it like that?“,

but I want to make the best of those things in the future too

everyone who came to the theater!!

Thank you so very much

This play was something that all of us worked frantically to put together,

so I’m really happy there were people who came and watched

Of course, I think there are a lot of people who wanted to come but couldn’t

We received a lot of power from those people too

I’m grateful for the many people who support us in ways we can’t see

I feel a sense of accomplishment at being able to reach the closing day without any problems after days full of anxiety…

Again I felt that sharing my determination, troubles, and joys with a lot of people, and then coming together as one like this is fun

The time I spent as Hirano Sakiko was really fun

To many people…

Thank you very much…

I heard something from the owner of Theater Green

The nearby cherry trees…

They said it’s rare for them to bloom this early…

I thought “I wonder if they bloomed for the closing day of “Sakura no Hanataba”~“,

and became happy



My first-time costars
Kikuchi Yurie-chan
Fujii Chiho-chan
Nomura Minami-chan
Ichioka Rina-chan

Thank you very much
It was like a girls’ school backstage too, and every day was really fun

I hope I can work with them again


With ℃-ute
Several years ago I said that I wanted to try a school story with the members of ℃-ute, and it came true after all these years


The script I used
It’s already worn out
But I’ll a~lways treasure it

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