Blog update: “Closing day!!(>_<)"

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s March 24th update, titled “Closing day(>_<)“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

There were performances of the play “Sakura no Hanataba” yesterday too

I was really happy that a lot of people came and watched

And then, everyone who supported us even though they couldn’t come, thank you very much

Each performance, a lot of staff who I’ve worked with in the past come…

And yesterday,
the staff from “Shuukan Spirits” came and gave me this


in the issue of “Spirits” that goes on sale tomorrow, Airi and myself appear on the front cover and in the opening feature

It’s my first appearance in “Spirits”

We went to Izu for the photoshoot(^-^)

The two of us fully enjoyed ourselves, so it was a really fun photoshoot

In addition
“Dijimono Station”


and “Shuukan Takarajima” are also released tomorrow


Everyone, please be sure to check them out


Back on topic(^-^;

Today is the closing day of “Sakura no Hanataba”

Today I say farewell to Theater Green, which I came to every day…

As if waiting for this day, the cherry blossoms are in full bloom

My mom drove me past a street lined with cherry trees on the way to the station today

It was so beautiful~(*´∀`)

I wanted to take a picture, but I couldn’t since we were moving~

Today’s the end of my time as Hirano Sakiko…

When I think about that, it makes me feel kind of lonely…

A person who didn’t actually exist was born into this world by the playwrite, the director, a lot of staff, the actors, and everyone in the audience…

It’s kind of amazing…

I will properly reflect on my final time playing Hirano Sakiko, and stand on stage again today

I have an announcement for those who can’t come to the venue

Today’s “Sakura no Hanataba” will broadcast on USTREAM

There are 3 stories being performed simultaneously this time,

so they’ll be seperated into 3 broadcasts



Tickets can be purchased here

The 3 stories are connected, so I’ll be happy if you watch all 3 performancesヽ(´ー`)ノ

And then, if you don’t mind, so that we can complete the closing day without any problems, everyone, please send us your power(〃▽〃)

Well then, I’ll have a wonderful day today

I hope everyone finds a lot of happiness today…


Tomorrow, starting at 7:00PM,

at Hello! Shop Shibuya,

Chisato, Mai, and myself will have a release commemoration handshake event for

“℃-ute Concert Tour 2012-2013 Fuyu ~Shinsei Naru Pentagram~ Ura”

Please check the Hello! Shop homepage for details

I’m looking forward to being able to meet a lot of people

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