Blog update: “Question(^o^)”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s March 19th update, titled “Question(^o^)“:

Good evening
It’s Maimi

It seems today was as warm as the average temperature in the middle of May…(*´д`*)

…Or rather, it was like summer, wasn’t it( ; ゜Д゜)

It skipped “warm” and went straight to “hot”(~▽~;)
I was surprised(^o^;)

Yesterday and today we had performances of the play “Sakura no Hanataba” at Ikebukuro Theater Green

Thank you very much to everyone who came even though they were busy and it was on a weekday

And then, everyone who couldn’t come, thank you for supporting us too

Miyazaki Yuka-chan came and watched°・(ノД`)・°・


I was really happy

In addition,
she brought the specialty of her hometown Ishikawa prefecture,

yuzu soda(〃~〃)

I really like it…

I brought it back as a souvenir when I went to Kanazawa for a photobook shoot before,

and I remember that my mom and I were moved by its taste, saying

“How delicious(*´д`*)

I didn’t know that the day would come when I could drink it again~

After we split up,
she sent me an e-mail with her impressions of the play…

Thanks a lot(^-^)


Ah That’s right
At the mini-talk show after yesterday’s performance, we posed a question to everyone(^-^) lol

This play’s story is about the graduation day at a school named
“Senryokuji Girls’ High School”(*^.^*)

…and, one day,
our co-star Fukunaga Marika-chan said

“Ah About the name ‘Senryokuji Girls’ High School’…”,

and realized the origin of the school’s name

I was like
“I see(・o・)”
and understood

do you know why the school is named Senryokuji Girls’ High School(‘∇’)?










Please remember the name of the venue I wrote in the beginning









Alright I have one more question before I reveal the answer

I talked about it earlier with Marika-chan and the director Ooiwa-san backstage…

“How do you come up with the names of roles when doing a play You have an image in your head, right

Again, Marika-chan was like…

“The names this time… All of ℃-ute’s name have a common feature“…

I hadn’t noticed it at all up to that point,

but when I heard, I was like

“It’s true” and I was a little impressed

By the way,
the names of ℃-ute’s roles are…

Yajima Maimi: Hirano Sakiko
Nakajima Saki: Asakura Kanoko
Suzuki Airi: Saeki Michiru
Okai Chisato: Oyamada Mei
Hagiwara Mai: Kaneko Rika


Did everyone notice it










The play’s title









Some of those who came to the play yesterday already answered in the comments of yesterday’s blog…


There were other people who figured it out, huh


First, the origin of the school name…

Combine the name of the Senkouji shrine that’s near Theater Green, and the “Green” from Theater Green,

and you get Senryokuji(^^)



And then, the common feature of the characters’ names…

Everyone’s names are related to flowers

Sakiko is

Asakura Kanoko is

Michiru is

Mei is
the “me” from “shinme”

Rika is

Isn’t it interesting…

When I think that even the names have a meaning like this, it makes me happy


Were everyone’s guesses correct

Speaking of “Sakura no Hanataba”…

On the YouTube program
“Hello! Station #7”,
which is showing now,

you can get a look at what it’s like backstage


Since we’re performing 3 stories at the same time,
the members run back and forth between the 3 halls, and it’s a unique play

Please be sure to watch us causing a commotion backstage(lol)



Chisato brought ice cream for Marika-chan and myself in the middle hall dressing room

Yaji had strawberry

Marika-chan had chocolate and vanilla

Thanks Chisato
It was delicious

Well then
I’ll have fun and do my best tomorrow too

Good night(^з^)/


March 25th

At the Hello! Shop in Shibuya,
we will have a release commemoration handshake event for our concert photobook

“℃-ute Concert Tour 2012-2013 Haru ~Shinsei Naru Platinum~ Ura”

It’ll start at 7:00PM

The participating members are
myself, Chisato, and Mai

Please check here for the details↓

02d722ae_640 07df9339_640 49cbd0b8_640

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  1. A lot of what was said about the names probably doesn’t make sense without an explanation, so here goes:

    For the school’s name, “green” in Japanese is “midori”, and is represented by the kanji 緑. The same kanji can also be pronounced “ryoku”. The shrine, Senkouji, is written 仙行寺. By replacing the middle character with 緑, it became “Senryokuji”.

    For the girls’ names, the first character of Sakiko’s name (咲) is the same as the kanji used for the verb “saku”, which means “to bloom”.

    “Asakura” is pretty easy. Just take away the “A” and you have “sakura”, which are cherry blossoms, as many of you probably already know.

    “Chiru” is the verb “to fall”, and is used for when leaves or flower petals (not people) fall. The “chirari” in the title of ℃-ute’s song “Sakura Chirari” is a conjugation of the same verb.

    The first kanji of Mei’s name (芽) is used in the kanji for “shinme”, or flower buds.

    Rika’s name is written with the kanji 梨花. The second character is the kanji for “hana”, or flower.

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