Blog update: “Chit-chat(‘ ∇’)”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s March 18th update, titled “Chit-chat(‘ ∇’)“:

Good afternoon
It’s Maimi

The dance shot version of our new single coming out on April 3rd,
“Crazy Kanzen na Otona”,
was only just uploaded on YouTube,
but it seems a lot of people have watched it already…

I’m really happy

Thank you

For the dance this time…
the theme is “soldier”

We were told to move in perfect unison
We also alternate our steps with quick and powerful movements

I’m surprised that there are some people who have already memorized it(゜o゜)/

Those who haven’t seen it yet, please be sure to check it out

Here’s a picture from the music video filming

And then
Yesterday there was another peformance of the play that runs until the 24th,

“Sakura no Hanataba”

There were two performances and a talk show yesterday

The talk show was over an hour long…

Though I wondered “What will it be like(・o・)?”,

we were close to the audience, so I felt kind of at home, and it was a really fun time

We talked about a variety of things,

like moving between the big, middle, and small halls,

the hardships of performing 3 stories at the same time,

stories of moving around backstage,

meeting our co-star Fukunaga Marika-chan for the first time,

stories from the dressing room,

how we went about playing our roles,

each others’ personalities…

Ah… In the small hall,
I did some prop comedy

The theater became dead silent……(°∇°;)lol

We also answered some questions from the audience…

At any rate, it was over in the blink of an eye(・∀・)

A picture with Marika-chan
It became blurry…(^~^;)

Speaking of “Sakura no Hanataba”
A live broadcast of the closing day on March 24 on USTREAM has been decidedヾ(^▽^)ノ

Since there are 3 stories this time,

at 11:30AM~
the “BIG TREE THEATER” story will broadcast…
at 3:00PM~
the “BOX in BOX THEATER” story will broadcast…
at 6:30PM~
the “BASE THEATER” story will broadcast

You can buy tickets here

You can also buy them at the Ikebukuro Theater Green goods corner

I think there are those of you who can’t come because you live far away,

so I’ll be happy if you watch the broadcast

Well then
There’s one performance today

I’ll concentrate and do my best

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