Blog update: “Werewolf game Ψ(`◇´)Ψ O(><;)(;><)O”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 2/20 update, titled “Werewolf game Ψ(`◇´)Ψ O(><;)(;><)O:

Good evening~
It’s Maimi

Today is the release day of Nacky’s photobook “Naka-san”

Actually, I was shown the photobook when it was finished,

and Nacky was rea~lly cute

Here’s a picture

And then,
today we had practice for the play “Sakura no Hanataba”, which starts March 14th…


In this play,
we perform 3 stories simultaneously in the 3 halls of Ikebukuro’s Theater Green,

and today we went through all 3 plays and measured the time

Somehow or another we were able to pass~(*´д`*)

I’m s~o glad(;_;)

I had fallen asleep holding my script several nights (lol)

But still, I was anxious…

The instant we finished rehearsal today, I felt really, really relieved~(*´д`*)

…Though I say that, there were several places where I stumbled over my lines

But Thanks to today, I know what lines I tend to forget

I’ve gotta perfect that…

And I’ve gotta strengthen a variety of things like my movements and emotions

I’ll do my best looking towards the performance(・∀・´)

Earlier, before practice, everyone played something called the “Werewolf Game”

It’s really, really diffificult game where you have to use your head, but it was re~a~lly exciting\(^o^)/


You take a card

“Werewolf” is written on two of the cards,

and also written on the cards are

“Spirit Medium”
and “Hunter”,

and there’s also cards with nothing written on them

At night, the werewolves pick one villager to eatΨ(`◇´)Ψ Rawr

Everyone are villagers except for the werewolves

It’s a game where the villagers try to identify the werewolves before they’re all eaten

Village meetings are held in the village

Naturally, the werewolves take part too,

and you dig around to find the werewolf while using your head and asking questions like

“Are you the werewolf

and “Are you in a post

By the way, the people in posts are

the “Fortune-teller”,
the “Spirit Medium”,
and the “Hunter”

At night, the “Fortune-teller” picks one person they think is suspicious
Through that, they can learn if the person they doubt is a werewolf or a villager

The “Spirit Medium” can find out whether the person removed the night before was a werewolf or a villager

The “Hunter” can protect someone that they think is a target of the werewolves

In this game you sit in a circle The moderator walks around managing things

And then it begins!

You pull your card, and see what it says without revealing it to anyone else

By the way, I was a werewolf the first time

The noon meeting
Everyone was suspicious of everyone else

However… It seems Yaji is the type that’s bad at lying…

It showed on my face right away

Nacky, Chisato, and Mai noticed immediately, and cast a provisional vote for me

Nacky was particularly perceptive…

I felt her silently watching me…(°∇°;)

“Yaji, you’re a werewolf, aren’t you(;¬_¬)”

“N, nope(°∇°;) I’m a normal villager(°∇°;)”

“Uh-uh No way(¬_¬) Your face has stiffened up

I couldn’t hide my agitation…

I yelled “This is no good O(><;)(;><)O” in my mind…

Nightfall comes
Everyone puts their heads down and sleeps

When I heard the signal

“Werewolves, werewolves, please raise your head

and looked up,
assistant director Kawahara Maki-san raised her head also…

At that point I knew that Maki-san was the other werewolf

When we were asked

“Well then, who will you eat tonight, werewolves“,

I really wanted to nominate Nacky,

but I thought that if Nacky was eaten the day after she accused me,

everyone would think “As expected, Yaji is suspicious“, and all eyes would turn towards me~( ̄□ ̄;)!!

While I was thinking that,
the two of us decided on Hagi-chan for some reason

(Hagi-chan… sorry…)

“Fortune-teller, fortune-teller, who do you predict tonight

Here, the fortune-teller chooses someone,

and the moderator lets them know whether the person is a werewolf or villager

No one but the fortune-teller can raise their head, so I don’t know who the fortune-teller is either

Next, when asked
“Hunter, Hunter, who do you want to save tonight“, the hunter raises their head, and picks someone

But, I learned later that Hagi-chan was the hunter

For some reason, Hagi-chan picked Maki-san,

but Maki-san and myself ate Hagi-chan with all our strength

Poor Hagi-chan…σ(^_^;)?

Hunters can’t save themselves, so she couldn’t have saved herself anyway…

Everyone lowers their heads again, and the moderator says

“Well then, those I touch on the shoulder will be gone in the morning

The moderator touched Hagi-chan on the shoulder, and she leaves the circle

And then, the morning arrived for everyone but Hagi-chan

At the noon meeting… the fortune-teller and spirit medium can tell the villagers what they know

However… If people in a post reveal themselves, they’ll become a target of the werewolves, so they keep quiet and pretend to be normal villagers

You have to use your head here too

The voting time arrived…
Everyone originally suspected me, so they all voted for me and I was quickly exiled

Even though we were werewolf partners, Maki-san voted for me too(´□`)

If Maki-san was the only person who didn’t vote for me, everyone would suspect her next time, so that’s why she did it…

I understand why… But being voted out by everyone…

It made me sad°・(ノД`)・°・(lol)

Yaji left the circle…(/_;)


The spirit medium is told

“Spirit medium, spirit medium, raise your head. The person exiled last night (←me) was a 〇 (←werewolf)

In the end, Maki-san was the last person exiled, and we lost the werewolf game f(^_^)

…Could you understand my explanation

You really use your head in this game

In the second game,
I was the “spirit medium”,

and I was much more talkative than the first game(^^;;

When I was the werewolf, I didn’t want to dig my own grave, so I didn’t speak up even though I was accused…(´д`)

In the second game, I proudly said “I’m the spirit medium

It’s a game that tests your acting ability and your brains

Thanks to this game, our child co-stars could open up right away too

It reminded me of games played when I was in elementary school

I want to play it again~

Well then, good work today everyone

Let’s have a wonderful day tomorrow

Good night


We’re currently running the “Minna no Kono Machi Daiboshuu” campaign for our new song “Kono Machi”

Here is the special site

The deadline is March 10th, and we’re waiting for a lot of submissions


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