Blog update: “Doing it for each other(^^) っ(^^)っ(^ ^)っ”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 2/18 update, titled “Doing it for each other(^^) っ(^^)っ(^ ^)っ“:

Good evening~
It’s Maimi

Thank you for your opinions in response to yesterday’s update, everyone

I informed the staff of the concert goods that everyone thought of right away

If you think of anything else, please let me know at any time

Yesterday we had the release event for “Kono Machi” at Yokohama BLITZ

At the Osaka performances several days earlier, we had the conversation

“Speaking of which We’ll have a relatively large amount of free time tomorrow morning Why don’t we all do each other’s hair“,

and I did Nacky’s hair,
Nacky did Mai’s,
Airi did Chisato’s,
Chisato did Airi’s,
and Mai did mine

In addition, we had the rule that we had to entrust our hairstyle to our partner

At first, I thought
“Eh~ I’m clumsy

Nacky… She usually does her hair herself, and she’s good at it…

What will she do if I cause her hair to become ragged…

But Nacky told me

“Anything is alright

When I started thinking “Alright… what kind of hairstyle should I give Nacky…(”;)”,

I became excited in no time…d=(^o^)=b

“Alright, alright, Nacky probably won’t like it… but will you rely on Yaji( ´艸`) I’ll definitely make you cute

I told her…(lol)

“Ahaha (lol) Got it

And then, here’s the hairstyle I made for her yesterday

Half twin tails Nacky

Doesn’t she look like a papillon


For a long time,

Yaji has thought that a hairstyle like this would suit Nacky,

since she has big, round eyes and a cute face~

But she’s never done a hairstyle like this herself, so I thought “Today will be my chance“ヾ(^▽^)ノ

She wore the curly half twin tails produced by Yaji, which I wanted to see at least once

Whenever I looked at Nacky,
I thought “Cute, as expected” and it tugged at my heart(lol) ←Even though I’m the one who did the hairstyle…

I was next to Nacky at the handshake event,
and whenever someone would say “Your hairstyle is cute“,

I’d become happy too…
I was grinning the entire time (lol)

How should I put it…
The rare feeling of a girl having a hairstyle she usually doesn’t have is nice too~(*´∀`)

Nacky… Thank you for letting Yaji do your hair

And then
Hagi-chan did my hair

She gave it her all

She thought about how to make Yaji cute while saying
“What should I do~(´~`;) What should I do~…”

That alone is enough to make me happy

Here is the hairstyle that Hagi put everything into making↓↓


Hagi-chan…( ゜Д゜)!!
You’re really skilled, aren’t you~°・(ノД`)・°・

She made a ribbon with my hair Σ(◎o◎)

She was able to do something like this so skillfully…

“The power of girls is amazing~” I thought…

And then, as promised earlier, she put Hagi-chan make-up on me

How is it

Can you tell the difference…

All of the members said
“Wow Your atmosphere is different

It’s funny how make-up can change your atmosphere

Even though Yaji liked it, Hagi kept saying
“I wonder if it’s alright…(*´д`*) I’m nervous about Yaji appearing like this…

I was filled with the emotion of

“Thank you very much for giving your all for my sake like that

It’s fun to do things like this occasionally

And then, the performance started

The setlist was like this

1: Hae Otoko (←”Kono Machi” coupling track)


2: Ame (←”Kono Machi” coupling track)

3:①Massara Blue Jeans
②Kiss me Aishiteru
③Hitori Shimeshitakatta dake na no ni
(↑The song was different each time)

4: Tokaikko Junjou (Shinsei Naru ver.)

《What town is this》
(↑It’s a quiz corner where we’re shown a picture of scenery and have to guess the location
The person with the best results got a prize)

5: Kono Machi

I was nervous singing the solo song “Ame”~(*´д`*)

But I was really happy everyone listened warmly

Being able to see a lot of smiles at the event gave me a lot of spirit

Since the single’s release on February 6th,
we’ve gone to a variety of places for events,

but for the time being, the “Kono Machi” events are over…

Through the events this time,

I met people for the first time,

and again I could feel the support of those who always cheer for us…

Everyone who participated,
everyone who supported us,
thank you so very much

And then
We announced this at the release event yesterday

An additional performance has been decided for ℃-ute’s spring tour
“℃-ute Concert Tour 2013 Haru ~Treasure Box~”

The additional performance will be the finale on June 29th

The venue is Pacifico Yokohama Kokuritsudai Hall

It’s been five years since ℃-ute has been to this venue

When I think that we’ll be standing on that stage again, I become rea~lly happy

Please be sure to come and bring your friends and family

Because ℃-ute will put on a concert that everyone will be sure to enjoy(・∀・´)

Oh my(´□`)… I’m sorry for the long update again today

Everyone, thanks for your hard work today

Please have sweet dreams
Good night


Uploaded every Friday,
the YouTube program


MC: Yasuda Kei & Tasaki Asahi
First guest: LoVendoЯ

Right now the Fukuoka version of “Kono Machi” is airing

And then,
also on Youtube,

“Hello! Station”

This is uploaded every Tuesday

Right now, Suzuki Airi & Ikuta Erina’s golf quiz ② is showing

Berryz Koubou’s Tokunaga Chinami-chan and myself took the golf quiz…

But it was hard~( ̄□ ̄;)!!
Those who haven’t watched it yet, please be sure to check it out

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