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Maimi “H!P Digital Books” Girl for March


The March installment of the long running “Hello! Project Digital Books” website features none other than Maimi, and includes unreleased photos from the shoots for her photobooks “Hatachi”, “Tabioto”, “17-sai”, and “Yajima Maimi Shashinkan 2008-2010”. More information, along with four preview images, can be found at the Hello! Project Digital Books website.

Site update 2/26/2013

If you check this site regularly, you might’ve noticed that the usual quickness of the updates on this site has fallen behind. Due to a variety of circumstances, I’ve been finding myself less and less able to devote the necessary amount of time to Maimi’s typically challenging updates. This isn’t me saying that I’m no longer going to translate Maimi’s entries, but rather just a heads-up on why it’s been awhile and might be awhile longer before everything gets up to speed. In the meantime, I will continue to update with news about Maimi so that those who come here for their information aren’t left in the dark. I hope that you’ll continue to stick with Maimi and MaimiLog while I get everything sorted out. Thanks.


“Hello! Station” #4

The Hello! Project Station YouTube channel has uploaded the fourth episode of the program “Hello! Station”, which features the final part of Maimi’s and Berryz Koubou member Tokunaga Chinami’s golf challenge, which begins at around the 6 minute mark.

Week 4 of Maimi on “Idol Hour”


The fourth and final week of Maimi’s appearances on the Enjoy Network Japan internet radio program “Idol Hour Hello! Project” have begun airing. To commemorate the final episode, the ENJ Facebook page uploaded the above picture of Maimi with the “Idol Hour Hello! Project” regular host Okamura Yuriko.

To listen to the program, go to the ENJ website and click “Listen Now” next time the program is broadcasting. To find out the next air time, check the schedule for your timezone. In addition, ENJ is accepting messages for Maimi, which you can submit by visiting the ENJ Facebook page and sending them a message.

Blog update: “Announcement〓(^-^)/”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 2/23 update, titled “Announcement〓(^-^)/“:

Good afternoon
It’s Maimi

Today at 6:00PM~
On the TV Tokyo program
“Tsuri Roman wo Motomete”,

Airi, Chisato, and myself will appear

We try fishing for spear squid off Miura Peninsula,

and it’s Airi’s first time sea fishing

Were we able to catch sea squid

Please be sure to check it out when it airs

Airi and Chisato slept on the deck while the morning sun shone on them until we arrived at our destination( ´艸`)

Because it was early in the morning~

Blog update: “Gratitude(*´д`*)”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 2/22 update, titled “Gratitude(*´д`*)“:

Good afternoon
It’s Maimi

There were a lot of congratulatory comments in regards to the 6th anniversay of our major debut… Thank you very much(/_・、)

It was probably fate we met~

From the bottom of my heart, I’m really happy that everyone knows about ℃-ute

Actually, our managers gave us a cute heart-shaped cake yesterday


I’m really grateful…
Our managers who watch over us from closer than anyone else…

They give everything they have for us…

I’ve gotta be thankful for them every day…

Everyone in ℃-ute went and had samgyeopsal for dinner

It was delicious, and I ate until my stomach was full~

“Dang it I ate too much…(´□`)” I thought, and felt regret

After dinner, everyone went to the next place,

and there was a bit of a happening there

It was when we got on the elevator

The door opened after awhile,
and when I thought

“Alright Time to get out(~▽~@)♪♪♪”,

The scenery on this floor is the same…(゜-゜)?


We forgot to push the button( ̄□ ̄;)!!

Weren’t we riding for a fairly long time…?(=_=;)

Thought I thought it was moving… But it was stopped the entire time…

None of us noticed it…

We had to laugh…(>∀<。)

And then, after work was done for the day,

I went home…

The letters and birthday presents from all the fans who support me arrived at my house

I looked at the letters and presents right awayヾ(^▽^)ノ

Just like the last time I received fan letters,

there were a lot of people who wrote “It’s my first time writing you“……

As I read, I wondered “Did they recently become a fan of ℃-ute“, and I became happy

In addition…
I received a lo~t of warm emotion from each of the letters…

Thanks to everyone, we’re able to work hard~(´д`。)

When I opened the presents, I was moved by each one like
“Oh Cute Alright I’ll put this on the shelf over there


“Wow°・(ノД`)・°・ This makes me rea~lly happy I’ll use it next time

There were a lot of people who wrote

“I really, really mulled this over before buying it… I don’t know whether or not you’ll like it…(´・ω・`)”

All of them made me happy~(/_・、)

…Or should I say, when I think that everyone thought long and hard when picking out a gift for me…

That alone is enough to make me happy

Yesterday was a day where I felt a lo~t of gratitude


Well then
Until tomorrow’s update


(2) A picture with Kikuchi Yurie-chan,
who appears in the play starring ℃-ute that starts March 14th, “Sakura no Hanataba”

Yurie-chan is a really eccentric girl
She has a light and unique atmosphereヽ(´ー`)ノ

On Valentine’s Day, she gave me an almond chocolate cake she made

It was rea~lly delicious

A picture from when I went to Kyoto with Hagi-chan for the “Kono Machi” release commemoration handshake event

On the bullet train, we watched the finale of ℃-ute’s tour on February 2nd together…

When I noticed, Hagi-chan…

She had put her head on Yaji’s shoulder and fallen asleep…(〃▽〃)

C… cute…(〃-〃)

Hagi-chan sleeping soundly\



《Hello!Project Haru no Daikansha Hina Matsuri Festival 2013》

March 2nd
Pacifico Yokohama Tenji Hall B

March 3rd
Pacifico Yokohama Tenji Hall A/Hall B
~Berryz Koubou 10-Shuunen Kinen Totsunyuu Special~

March 3rd
Pacifico Yokohama Tenji Hall A/Hall B
~Thanks You For Your Love!~

Morning Musume,
Berryz Koubou,
and the Hello! Project trainees

will be appearing

Please check the Hello! Project official site for details

Blog update: “Major debut 6th anniversary(*^_^*)”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 2/21 update, titled “Major debut 6th anniversary(*^_^*)“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Today is the 6th anniversary of ℃-ute’s major debut

I’ve already received a lot of congratulatory blog comments from everyone…

Thank you so very much

Those who’ve known about ℃-ute since 6 years ago…

Those who still didn’t know about ℃-ute 6 years ago…

The fact that those people now support us together as part of team ℃-ute…

It makes me rea~lly, rea~lly happy

Just like we challenged a variety of things and moved forward step by step these past 6 years, I want to continue to move forward with everyone from the 7th year on

Everyone, will you come with ℃-ute(・∀・´)

Somehow or other, please continue to stay by ℃-ute’s side


Changing the subject,
when I went to the office the day before yesterday,

Miyazaki Yuka-chan called out to me

“Yajima-sa~nヾ(^▽^)ノ Good morning“,

and came into the dressing roomヽ(´ー`)ノ


Her smile was soothing~(*´д`*)

“I always carried around Yajima-san’s birthday present hoping to give it to her…O(><;)(;><)O

But today, I didn’t bring it because it’s cold~

she told me…

“Ooh…(/_;) She knows Yaji’s birthday

…Or should I say… she prepared a present for me(T^T)
……Or should I say, she carried it with her everyday°・(ノД`)・°・

Even though she didn’t know when we’d meet~

I was so happy

Thank you

We’ll certainly meet at the “Hina Matsuri festival”
held on March 2nd and 3rd
at Pacifico Yokohama,

so I’ll get it on that day(´∀`)っ

I can’t wait(^O^*)♪

Speaking of Miyazaki-chan…

We went to Yamagata for a “Hello! SATOYAMA Life” filming,

the TV Tokyo program which airs every Wednesday at 1:00AM~

Up to that point, I had barely worked with Miyazaki-chan, and I wondered “What kind of girl is she~(‘∇’)?”

I was overflowing with curiosity, so Yaji listened to her talk about a variety of things…( ´艸`)

Talk about her family
Talk about her school
Talk about her hometown

She told me a lot

Learning about Miyazaki-chan became a really fun memory

Here’s a picture taken first thing in the morning on the bullet train to Yamagata

Though it was pitch black outside when we got on, the morning sun evenutally came out, and it was rea~lly beautiful

It was really bright though…(/v<)

The brightness of the morning sun is concealing Miyazaki-chan’s face…

Well then, I’ll have a wonderful day today, 6 years after our major debut

I hope there are a lot of nice things waiting for everyone~


On March 9th (Sat.)
Wanibooks will release ℃-ute “Concert Tour 2012-2013 Fuyu ~Shinsei Naru Platinum~ Ura”

From the opening day of the concert at Shibuya Koukaidou
to Nagoya,
until the closing day at Shibuya Koukaidou on February 2nd, 2013, all of the members carried cameras and took a lot of private shots

It’s a BOOK fully-loaded with ℃-ute… Everyone, please be sure to check it out

Blog update: “Werewolf game Ψ(`◇´)Ψ O(><;)(;><)O”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 2/20 update, titled “Werewolf game Ψ(`◇´)Ψ O(><;)(;><)O:

Good evening~
It’s Maimi

Today is the release day of Nacky’s photobook “Naka-san”

Actually, I was shown the photobook when it was finished,

and Nacky was rea~lly cute

Here’s a picture

And then,
today we had practice for the play “Sakura no Hanataba”, which starts March 14th…


In this play,
we perform 3 stories simultaneously in the 3 halls of Ikebukuro’s Theater Green,

and today we went through all 3 plays and measured the time

Somehow or another we were able to pass~(*´д`*)

I’m s~o glad(;_;)

I had fallen asleep holding my script several nights (lol)

But still, I was anxious…

The instant we finished rehearsal today, I felt really, really relieved~(*´д`*)

…Though I say that, there were several places where I stumbled over my lines

But Thanks to today, I know what lines I tend to forget

I’ve gotta perfect that…

And I’ve gotta strengthen a variety of things like my movements and emotions

I’ll do my best looking towards the performance(・∀・´)

Earlier, before practice, everyone played something called the “Werewolf Game”

It’s really, really diffificult game where you have to use your head, but it was re~a~lly exciting\(^o^)/


You take a card

“Werewolf” is written on two of the cards,

and also written on the cards are

“Spirit Medium”
and “Hunter”,

and there’s also cards with nothing written on them

At night, the werewolves pick one villager to eatΨ(`◇´)Ψ Rawr

Everyone are villagers except for the werewolves

It’s a game where the villagers try to identify the werewolves before they’re all eaten

Village meetings are held in the village

Naturally, the werewolves take part too,

and you dig around to find the werewolf while using your head and asking questions like

“Are you the werewolf

and “Are you in a post

By the way, the people in posts are

the “Fortune-teller”,
the “Spirit Medium”,
and the “Hunter”

At night, the “Fortune-teller” picks one person they think is suspicious
Through that, they can learn if the person they doubt is a werewolf or a villager

The “Spirit Medium” can find out whether the person removed the night before was a werewolf or a villager

The “Hunter” can protect someone that they think is a target of the werewolves

In this game you sit in a circle The moderator walks around managing things

And then it begins!

You pull your card, and see what it says without revealing it to anyone else

By the way, I was a werewolf the first time

The noon meeting
Everyone was suspicious of everyone else

However… It seems Yaji is the type that’s bad at lying…

It showed on my face right away

Nacky, Chisato, and Mai noticed immediately, and cast a provisional vote for me

Nacky was particularly perceptive…

I felt her silently watching me…(°∇°;)

“Yaji, you’re a werewolf, aren’t you(;¬_¬)”

“N, nope(°∇°;) I’m a normal villager(°∇°;)”

“Uh-uh No way(¬_¬) Your face has stiffened up

I couldn’t hide my agitation…

I yelled “This is no good O(><;)(;><)O” in my mind…

Nightfall comes
Everyone puts their heads down and sleeps

When I heard the signal

“Werewolves, werewolves, please raise your head

and looked up,
assistant director Kawahara Maki-san raised her head also…

At that point I knew that Maki-san was the other werewolf

When we were asked

“Well then, who will you eat tonight, werewolves“,

I really wanted to nominate Nacky,

but I thought that if Nacky was eaten the day after she accused me,

everyone would think “As expected, Yaji is suspicious“, and all eyes would turn towards me~( ̄□ ̄;)!!

While I was thinking that,
the two of us decided on Hagi-chan for some reason

(Hagi-chan… sorry…)

“Fortune-teller, fortune-teller, who do you predict tonight

Here, the fortune-teller chooses someone,

and the moderator lets them know whether the person is a werewolf or villager

No one but the fortune-teller can raise their head, so I don’t know who the fortune-teller is either

Next, when asked
“Hunter, Hunter, who do you want to save tonight“, the hunter raises their head, and picks someone

But, I learned later that Hagi-chan was the hunter

For some reason, Hagi-chan picked Maki-san,

but Maki-san and myself ate Hagi-chan with all our strength

Poor Hagi-chan…σ(^_^;)?

Hunters can’t save themselves, so she couldn’t have saved herself anyway…

Everyone lowers their heads again, and the moderator says

“Well then, those I touch on the shoulder will be gone in the morning

The moderator touched Hagi-chan on the shoulder, and she leaves the circle

And then, the morning arrived for everyone but Hagi-chan

At the noon meeting… the fortune-teller and spirit medium can tell the villagers what they know

However… If people in a post reveal themselves, they’ll become a target of the werewolves, so they keep quiet and pretend to be normal villagers

You have to use your head here too

The voting time arrived…
Everyone originally suspected me, so they all voted for me and I was quickly exiled

Even though we were werewolf partners, Maki-san voted for me too(´□`)

If Maki-san was the only person who didn’t vote for me, everyone would suspect her next time, so that’s why she did it…

I understand why… But being voted out by everyone…

It made me sad°・(ノД`)・°・(lol)

Yaji left the circle…(/_;)


The spirit medium is told

“Spirit medium, spirit medium, raise your head. The person exiled last night (←me) was a 〇 (←werewolf)

In the end, Maki-san was the last person exiled, and we lost the werewolf game f(^_^)

…Could you understand my explanation

You really use your head in this game

In the second game,
I was the “spirit medium”,

and I was much more talkative than the first game(^^;;

When I was the werewolf, I didn’t want to dig my own grave, so I didn’t speak up even though I was accused…(´д`)

In the second game, I proudly said “I’m the spirit medium

It’s a game that tests your acting ability and your brains

Thanks to this game, our child co-stars could open up right away too

It reminded me of games played when I was in elementary school

I want to play it again~

Well then, good work today everyone

Let’s have a wonderful day tomorrow

Good night


We’re currently running the “Minna no Kono Machi Daiboshuu” campaign for our new song “Kono Machi”

Here is the special site

The deadline is March 10th, and we’re waiting for a lot of submissions


Blog update: “Aroma… I’m sorry…(T^T)”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 2/19 update, titled “Aroma… I’m sorry…(T^T)“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

This is sudden
But here are some pictures I didn’t have room to attach yesterday


From the event the day-before-yesterday
The scene of everyone doing each other’s hair

And then
We received tapioca juice as a treat


Yaji got strawberry milk tapioca

It was delicious

I’m grateful to the staff

Now then
Yesterday we had practice for the play “Sakura no Hanataba”, which opens on March 14th

Our costar Fukunaga Marika-chan… After practice was over, she stayed the e~ntire time as we went over our lines°・(ノД`)・°・

I’m really thankful…

I’ll write more about the practice on the special “Sakura no Hanataba” blog

So please be sure to check that out too

This morning,
my pet dog Aroma was eating something that looked like a pea-green labelヽ(゜ロ゜;)ノ

I scolded her “Cut that out!!“,
and picked that label up…(´д`;)

And then…

It was cabbage…(´□`)

The moment I picked it up, I thought

“Hm? (・ロ・)? This is cabbage…?”

When I asked my mom

“Eh… Mother, did you give Aroma cabbage by chance?(>_<)",

she responded

"Yeah I did How come

oh my God!

I was angry at Aroma~(つд`)

I gave Aroma her cabbage back…

And I pet her on the head lots and lots

I’m sorry… Aroma…

Alright I’ve regrouped,
and I’ll head out cheerfully today ε=┌( ・_・)┘



The 3rd episode of “Hello! Station”,

the YouTube program uploaded every Tuesday,

will be uploaded today

Berryz Koubou’s Tokunaga Chinami-chan and myself have a golf showdown for the first time in our lives

Wow… There’s a lot I want to talk about…(^^;;

Please be sure to check out the broadcast

Blog update: “Doing it for each other(^^) っ(^^)っ(^ ^)っ”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 2/18 update, titled “Doing it for each other(^^) っ(^^)っ(^ ^)っ“:

Good evening~
It’s Maimi

Thank you for your opinions in response to yesterday’s update, everyone

I informed the staff of the concert goods that everyone thought of right away

If you think of anything else, please let me know at any time

Yesterday we had the release event for “Kono Machi” at Yokohama BLITZ

At the Osaka performances several days earlier, we had the conversation

“Speaking of which We’ll have a relatively large amount of free time tomorrow morning Why don’t we all do each other’s hair“,

and I did Nacky’s hair,
Nacky did Mai’s,
Airi did Chisato’s,
Chisato did Airi’s,
and Mai did mine

In addition, we had the rule that we had to entrust our hairstyle to our partner

At first, I thought
“Eh~ I’m clumsy

Nacky… She usually does her hair herself, and she’s good at it…

What will she do if I cause her hair to become ragged…

But Nacky told me

“Anything is alright

When I started thinking “Alright… what kind of hairstyle should I give Nacky…(”;)”,

I became excited in no time…d=(^o^)=b

“Alright, alright, Nacky probably won’t like it… but will you rely on Yaji( ´艸`) I’ll definitely make you cute

I told her…(lol)

“Ahaha (lol) Got it

And then, here’s the hairstyle I made for her yesterday

Half twin tails Nacky

Doesn’t she look like a papillon


For a long time,

Yaji has thought that a hairstyle like this would suit Nacky,

since she has big, round eyes and a cute face~

But she’s never done a hairstyle like this herself, so I thought “Today will be my chance“ヾ(^▽^)ノ

She wore the curly half twin tails produced by Yaji, which I wanted to see at least once

Whenever I looked at Nacky,
I thought “Cute, as expected” and it tugged at my heart(lol) ←Even though I’m the one who did the hairstyle…

I was next to Nacky at the handshake event,
and whenever someone would say “Your hairstyle is cute“,

I’d become happy too…
I was grinning the entire time (lol)

How should I put it…
The rare feeling of a girl having a hairstyle she usually doesn’t have is nice too~(*´∀`)

Nacky… Thank you for letting Yaji do your hair

And then
Hagi-chan did my hair

She gave it her all

She thought about how to make Yaji cute while saying
“What should I do~(´~`;) What should I do~…”

That alone is enough to make me happy

Here is the hairstyle that Hagi put everything into making↓↓


Hagi-chan…( ゜Д゜)!!
You’re really skilled, aren’t you~°・(ノД`)・°・

She made a ribbon with my hair Σ(◎o◎)

She was able to do something like this so skillfully…

“The power of girls is amazing~” I thought…

And then, as promised earlier, she put Hagi-chan make-up on me

How is it

Can you tell the difference…

All of the members said
“Wow Your atmosphere is different

It’s funny how make-up can change your atmosphere

Even though Yaji liked it, Hagi kept saying
“I wonder if it’s alright…(*´д`*) I’m nervous about Yaji appearing like this…

I was filled with the emotion of

“Thank you very much for giving your all for my sake like that

It’s fun to do things like this occasionally

And then, the performance started

The setlist was like this

1: Hae Otoko (←”Kono Machi” coupling track)


2: Ame (←”Kono Machi” coupling track)

3:①Massara Blue Jeans
②Kiss me Aishiteru
③Hitori Shimeshitakatta dake na no ni
(↑The song was different each time)

4: Tokaikko Junjou (Shinsei Naru ver.)

《What town is this》
(↑It’s a quiz corner where we’re shown a picture of scenery and have to guess the location
The person with the best results got a prize)

5: Kono Machi

I was nervous singing the solo song “Ame”~(*´д`*)

But I was really happy everyone listened warmly

Being able to see a lot of smiles at the event gave me a lot of spirit

Since the single’s release on February 6th,
we’ve gone to a variety of places for events,

but for the time being, the “Kono Machi” events are over…

Through the events this time,

I met people for the first time,

and again I could feel the support of those who always cheer for us…

Everyone who participated,
everyone who supported us,
thank you so very much

And then
We announced this at the release event yesterday

An additional performance has been decided for ℃-ute’s spring tour
“℃-ute Concert Tour 2013 Haru ~Treasure Box~”

The additional performance will be the finale on June 29th

The venue is Pacifico Yokohama Kokuritsudai Hall

It’s been five years since ℃-ute has been to this venue

When I think that we’ll be standing on that stage again, I become rea~lly happy

Please be sure to come and bring your friends and family

Because ℃-ute will put on a concert that everyone will be sure to enjoy(・∀・´)

Oh my(´□`)… I’m sorry for the long update again today

Everyone, thanks for your hard work today

Please have sweet dreams
Good night


Uploaded every Friday,
the YouTube program


MC: Yasuda Kei & Tasaki Asahi
First guest: LoVendoЯ

Right now the Fukuoka version of “Kono Machi” is airing

And then,
also on Youtube,

“Hello! Station”

This is uploaded every Tuesday

Right now, Suzuki Airi & Ikuta Erina’s golf quiz ② is showing

Berryz Koubou’s Tokunaga Chinami-chan and myself took the golf quiz…

But it was hard~( ̄□ ̄;)!!
Those who haven’t watched it yet, please be sure to check it out

“Hello! Station #3” uploaded

The third episode of Hello! Project’s new weekly YouTube program, “Hello! Station”, has been uploaded to the Hello! Project Station YouTube channel. The third episode takes Maimi and Berryz Koubou’s Tokunaga Chinami out of the studio and out onto the greens to tee off in a golf challenge, which begins around the 5:43 mark.

Blog update: “Scary lullaby O(><;)(;><)O”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 2/17 update, titled “Scary lullaby O(><;)(;><)O“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

We had a “Kono Machi” release event in Osaka yesterday


There were 3 performances,
but it was over in the blink of an eye

During one of the event’s corners,
I won the right to have Airi sing me a lullaby on the bullet train ride home…

But just as I thought…
Airi went to sleep before singing the lullaby~((((゜д゜;))))

When everyone was whispering
“Airi fell asleep(°∇°;)”
“It’s true Airi’s sleeping~(´・ω・`)”,

Airi’s eyes unexpectedly opened

“Now” I thought…

When I said “Airi… lullaby…(*´д`*)”,

she immediately send me a voice mail (lol)

The lullaby Airi sang for me was nice… But after she finished singing, she added

“~♪ That’s right. If you didn’t fall asleep after my heartfelt lullaby… Try counting sheep. Heh heh heh… Good ni~ght

It was eerie the way she said it( ̄□ ̄;)!!

When I said
“It’s scary~(–;)”,

she sent me another voice mail, and said

“You said it was scary, huh. Alright, I’ll sing another scary song for you. O~o~sa~ma~ wa~ Minna ni batsu~ wo atae~ ru~ (←It’s the theme from the Berryz Koubou and ℃-ute movie “Ousama Game”)”

I wasn’t able to sleep at all~┓( ̄∇ ̄;)┏

…Is what I want to say…(・∀・;)

But I fell asleep right after that(゜Д゜)

Amazing Airi

By the way, between the first and second performances yesterday,

everyone in ℃-ute gave each other massages

Yaji knows no tiredness
So I have no trouble giving massages

I gave Chissa a massage, and she returned the favor

Hagi-chan saw that and said
“Maimi-chan It’d be okay if you want to massage Mai too (lol)( ̄ー+ ̄)”

I thought “If it’s going to be like this, I’ll do everyone“, and I massaged everyone’s shoulders(lol)

While I was massagine Nacky,

Airi and Chisato were massaging the pressure points of Chisato’s feet,

and Chisato was like “Ouch Ouch Ouch(>o<")"… and was twisting around…(;゜ロ゜)

Ah~… Pressure point massages are scary(゜Д゜;≡;゜Д゜)

And then, during the break between the second and third performances,

℃-ute and the staff talked about a variety of things…

We couldn’t stop talking about our dream of having a concert at the Budoukan…

Again I thought “℃-ute has gotta work hard“, and that the support of a lot of people will be necessary

They also told us

“If there’s anything you want to do for the spring solo tour, we want you to tell us,

and since the number of female ℃-ute fans are increasing, we’re thinking about goods for the next tour that both men and women can easily use…

so if you have any ideas, please tell us

From there, we came up with a variety of ideas one after another like
“How about a cellphone strap replica of ℃-ute’s concert outfits


“So that people can collect our photocards, photo albums designed by the members


“Wouldn’t it be good if we had a glowstick design where we could immediately spot team ℃-ute members

℃-ute is thinking about them in high spirits

I think there’s a lot of issues with making goods,

so I’m not sure if they’ll come to fruition,

but if there’s something you think would make good merchandise,

please be sure to tell us

Everyone who came
Everyone who supported us
Thank you so very much for yesterday

And then,
today we have a release event for “Kono Machi” at Yokohama BLITZ

Have a wonderful day today

Hello! Project Haru no Daikansha
Hina Matsuri Festival 2013

will be held March 2nd and 3rd
at Pacifico Yokohama

March 2nd 7:00PM~
@Pacifico Yokohama Tenji Hall B

March 3rd 1:00PM~
@Pacifico Yokohama Tenji Hall A/Hall B
~Berryz Koubou 10-shuunen Kinen Totsunyuu Special!~

March 3rd 5:30PM~
Pacifico Yokohama Tenji Hall A/Hall B
~Thanks You For Your Love!~

Morning Musume
Berryz Koubou
and Hello! Project trainees

will be appearing

Please check the Hello! Project official site for full details

The songs performed change with each performance,

so we’re waiting for a lot of people to participate



Continuing from yesterdays, Valentine’s Day pictures

With Airi, who gave me snowball cookies

With Mai, who gave me cheesecake

Week 3 of Maimi on “Idol Hour”


The third week of Maimi’s appearances on the Enjoy Network Japan radio program “Idol Hour Hello! Project” has begun broadcasting. The ENJ Facebook page offered the following preview:

This is the third time that we present “Idol Hour Hello! Project” with Maimi-san.
We ask her what the recent favorite word in ℃-ute`s member are like as her last favorite word “Otsucurry rice”. Also she talks about what she is really into right now. Please check it out if you want to know about her more!

To listen, go to the ENJ website and click “Listen Now” next time the program is broadcasting. To find out the next air time, check the schedule for your timezone. In addition, ENJ is accepting messages for Maimi, which you can submit by visiting the ENJ Facebook page and sending them a message.

Blog update: “Snuggle, snuggle…( ´∀`)”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 2/16 update, titled “Snuggle, snuggle…( ´∀`)“:

Good afternoon
It’s Maimi

There were people who saw my recipes for ganache and creme brulee yesterday and the day before yesterday and made them right away, so I’m really, really happy

By the way,
there were a lot of people who asked the question

“Is it alright to use the microwave to make creme brulee too“…

It’s alright
We use the microwave at my house too

Changing the subject
Yesterday we had the music video filming for “Crazy Kanzen na Otona”,

our single coming out April 3rd,

and we recorded a variety of cuts

Just as with the music video filming for “Kiss me Aishiteru”,

we were told “Try dancing to the music however you please“…

I was rea~lly flustered

I was like

“What kind of movements should I make(゜Д゜;≡;゜Д゜)”…

I wonder if I was able to make the proper facial expressions too…

But this kind of thing is interesting
Each members’ personality comes out

Everyone’s dancing was different

After all of the filming was finished,

the staff gave us this thing as a surprise


It was to celebrate Nacky’s, Mai’s, and my birthday in February,

and ℃-ute’s “Kono Machi” reaching number 4 on the Oricon weekly charts

I was really, really happy

In addition, the staff did the dance for “Crazy Kanzen na Otona”, which they learned by watching us

All of the staff were wearing team ℃-ute hoodies too…

At any rate
It was a really fun filming

When the music video is finished, I want you to be sure to check it out

It was really cold this morning…(=_=;)

All of the members walked huddled together looking like dumplings(^^;)

…But still, my hands and ears got so cold it felt like they were going to fall off…

We decided “Let’s buy something warm(・∀・´)”,

so everyone went to Starbucks and bought caramel steamersヽ(´ー`)ノ

E~veryone grabbed their drink tightly and warmed up…

But I was carrying a lot, so both my hands were full and I couldn’t take my drink out of the Starbucks bag( ̄◇ ̄;)!

Airi then noticed and said

“Oh~(゜o゜;) Yaji-san’s hands are bright red, aren’t they“,

and put her own caramel steamer against my hand…(〃▽〃)

It was warm

After settling in, I drank my caramel steamer…

It was delicious, as expected(*´д`*)
Caramel steamer

Today we have the “Kono Machi” release event in Osaka(^^)

We reached number 4 on the Oricon weekly charts thanks to everyone’s support

Thank you very much

So that “Kono Machi” is a~lways a song loved by a lot of people,

I want continue to sing it with great care

And then, we’re also have a “Minna no Kono Machi” campaign for “Kono Machi”

Here is the official site

We’re waiting for a lot of submissions until the deadline, March 10th

Well then, I’ll prepare for the performance

Until tomorrow’s update


Today’s pictures are of the donuts we were given by the staff of Radio Nippon on Valentine’s Day


Since it was Valentine’s, they also bought heart-shaped donuts

Cute donuts…(〃▽〃)

Thanks for the treats

Blog update: “How to make creme brulee( 〃▽〃)”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 2/15 update, titled “How to make creme brulee( 〃▽〃)“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Yesterday we had a public recording at Tokyo Tower for Radio Nippon’s “Nakajima Saki no Cute na Jikan”,

which will air on February 23rd and March 2nd

I’m was really, really happy that a lot of people showed up~

We were close to the fans
And there were a variety of corners, so it was really fun

And then, there was an announcement during the public recording

The release of ℃-ute’s 21st single, “Crazy Kanzen na Otona”, has been decided

It will go on sale April 3rd
Actually, we are filming the music video today

I’ll keep doing my best so that it becomes a wonderful music video

In addition
I have an announcement

On April 20th (Sat.), “℃-ute Concert Tour 2013 Haru ~Treasure Box~” will start at Harmony Hall Zama (Kanagawa)…

And there is a special concert ticket pre-order application for readers of the official ℃-ute blog

It’s for the 6 performances in the 3 venues
Sendai Izumity 21 (Miyagi)
Yokosuka Geijutsugekijou (Kanagawa)
and Nippon Tokushuu Tougyou Shimin Kaikan (Aichi)

Please check the following address for the application details

And then
Since yesterday was Valentine’s Day, I received a variety of sweets from a variety of people


When I think that the sweets are something the someone put everything into making… Just that makes me happy

By the way, the picture is of the snowball cookies Airi gave me
And the cheesecake Mai gave me

Both of them were rea~lly delicious

Everyone who gave Yaji sweets…
Thank you so very much

Well then, should Yaji-san work hard typing it up

“How to make creme brulee”…

By the way, a gas burner and a strainer are necessary for making creme brulee, so make sure you get them before you start cooking

①First, preheat the oven to 170℃
In addition, boil water in a kettle

②In a bowl, mix two egg yolk and 20g of soft brown sugar

(2)←Though your arm will get sore, do your best mixing it until it becomes a color like this p(^-^)q

③Put 120cc of fresh cream and 80cc of milk into a small saucepan, and heat over a medium flame until it’s about to start boiling

④Pour ③ into ② while slowly mixing it

⑤Pour it through the strainer,
and drop in 3 to 4 drops of vanilla essence
So that the vanilla essence gets thoroughly mixed in and so you don’t create any bubbles, mix it ge~ntly

Pour ⑤ into a cocotte while making sure to create as few bubbles as possible
If bubbles form, pop them with a toothpick

(3, right)

⑦Spread 2 sheets of paper towels on an oven tray, and line up the cocotte on top of that
Pour the hot water from the kettle into the tray to soak the paper towels
When doing that, be careful not to get any of the hot water into the cocotte
Once you’ve filled the tray to about 1cm from the bottom of the cocotte,
put it in the oven,
and cook for 20 minutes at 170℃

⑧After 20 minutes… take the cocotte out of the oven and place them somewhere to cool down
When they cool down, place them in the fridge

⑨Lastly, sprinkle 1 teaspoon of soft brown sugar very lightly over ⑧, and caramelize with the gas burner

It’ll become burned right away if the flame is too strong, so use as low a flame as possible and move the burner around

⑩When it cools down, sprinkle a light amount of soft brown sugar on top of ⑨ again, and caramelize it once more

Doing this will make the surface crispy

And then…ヾ(^▽^)

You’re done~

By the way, it’s best if you keep it as cool as possible after caramelization and then eat it right away

Because the caramelization will gradually melt

That’s why I put them in a cooler bag with a lot of cold packs when I’m carry them somewhere

I wrote so much that everyone probably lost their desire to make it(°∇°;)

But it’s easy if you try,

and best of all
It’s rea~lly delicious, so I want everyone to be sure to try making it

Make it Make it(*’-‘)っ

I’m waiting for reports from everyone who makes it

I hope you can make it well…

Well then, until tomorrow’s update~