Blog update: “Bad thing < Good thing"

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 1/29 update, titled “Bad thing < Good thing“:

Good afternoon
It’s Maimi

My update with the announcements yesterday…〓

It seems a lot of people checked it out

Thank you very much

I was interviewed with Mano Erina-chan
for “CDJournal”

It goes on sale February 20th,

and we talk about being rain women,
we talk about Mano-chan’s graduation…

The two of us talked a lot

In addition
I was interviewed with ℃-ute
for the free paper “Confetti”

In this,
we talk about ℃-ute’s play starting on March 14th,

“Sakura no Hanataba”

Please be absolutely sure to check both out

I’m suddenly changing the subject

But earlier, on a day we had a concert in Osaka,

I bit my tongue with all of my might while eating…


My wound hits my teeth when talking or singing, and it hurts(´Д`;)

Even during meals, the time that Yaji loves… this pain interferes a little bit……(´□`)

I hope it gets better quickly…(´ヘ`;)

Something nice happened yesterday too

At night
I received a call from my close friend

It’s been a really long time

It seems she’s a~lways busy with her part-time job and college,

so though I’ll sometimes wonder
“Is she doing well“,

I’m unable to talk on the phone or text with her…

On the phone yesterday,

“Since spring break has started, I have free time now Next time Maimi has a day off, let’s hang out(‘∇’)”

she said…(*´ω`)

We’ll hang out

I became happy after hearing her voice for the first time in awhile

It had been so long since we met, that yesterday we had the conversation “When was the last time( ̄~ ̄;)”,

and it seemed like this girl had a lot of worries when we met before

So I thought

“Though there’s nothing I can do, I want to do something…

Therefore, during the time we didn’t see each other,
I worried “Is she alright“…

When we talked on the phone yesterday,
she said “I’m really happy right now

She was acting lively,
so I felt really relieved(´o`)=3

As expected, I want those important to me to be happy

Yaji is happy that she’s happy

She also said “I want to go to a ℃-ute concert“,

which made me really happy(*’-‘)

In addition,

she told me what what some of our classmates are doing now…

I was surprised that everyone had become adults(゜o゜)/

There are people who are travelling overseas by themselves…

When I wondered “Would I be able to do something like that“…


I want to go to various places overseas
Meet various people,
enjoy wonderful scenery and food…

Ah… But… if I went by myself…… I’d get discouraged en route……(;´□`)

It’s amazing

I listened to her stories
And the kids who I had the same lessons in the same classroom with, and who I ate the same school lunches as,

now everyone is walking down a different path
…I thought about it deeply

Each person has a different life

Yaji is on her own road right now too, and I’m really happy

I still have a l~ot of dreams I want to come true

But, I’m happy just having those dreams

After all… going towards those dreams, ℃-ute and team ℃-ute will become one

Everyone in team ℃-ute really gives me a lot of power

After talking to my close friend for the first time in awhile, I again felt that way…

I’m really glad we could talk again

℃-ute’s gotta do our best(・∀・´)

Today, I’ll attach pictures of everyone in ℃-ute


Well then
Yaji will continue to do her best at work

I hope that all of the precious members of team ℃-ute will continue to find happiness today…

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