Blog update: “Let’s Airi make-upヽ( ´ー`)ノ”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 1/28 update, titled “Let’s Airi make-upヽ( ´ー`)ノ“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

When I opened the curtains, the garden had become pure white

…It’s no wonder…

It was so cold last night,
that I woke up once during the middle of the night…

I was like “Oooh((>_<))",
pulled my blanket up and curled into a ball,
and fell back asleep shortly after(  ̄▽ ̄)

…Or should I say,
a pigeon just flew in front of Yaji’s face( ; ゜Д゜)

It crossed in front of me while I was walking,

and it was so close I was like “EekΣ(◎д◎)”,

and I stopped in my tracks( ̄◇ ̄;)

Flap, flap, flap
It was inches from my face…

It had incredible force…

Now then
We appeared at the Kyocera Dome yesterday

for the “Yamada Denki consumer electronics fair 2013 flea market” event

It seems there were a lot of people lined up since early in the morning,

and the instant we went out on stage,
without thinking,

I was like “Ooh(゜o゜)“, and I was surprised at the amount of people

There was a little kid riding on their papa’s shoulders while imitating ℃-ute’s dances

Without thinking,
I went “Aw~~( ´∀`)“,

and my face became soft

I’m happy

I wonder if there were people who were like “What’s going on” and stopped in their tracks

At any rate, I’m really grateful that we could appear at an event like this where anyone can casually watch

Yamada Denki-san
Thank you very much

And then, everyone who participated in the event, everyone who cheered for us…

Thank you very much

I think there’s already people who know because of the other members’ blogs yesterday

But yesterday, Yaji appeared at the event with Airi make-up

For some reason, I wanted to have “droopy eyes”

I said to Airi

“Tomorrow, I want Airi make-up

Since I had more free time than I usually have before events and concerts…

I wondered

“I won’t be able to do with without plenty of time like this, right

So I thought

“I have to do it tomorrow(・∀・´)”

while being taught by Airi,
Yaji mimicked her…


There are a lot of minute details, so it’s difficult…


I said “Do it for me(´ー`)”,

and Airin did my make-up for me f(^_^)

But as expected, it has to be done differently depending on the person’s face(・o・)

Yaji’s eyelid folds are thin,

but Airi’s are wide

Also, the volume of our eyelashes

So, Airi…

While saying things like “Ah… In Maimi-chan’s case, I wonder if it’d be better if I drew the eyeliner until the inner corner of her eye(・~・;)”,

she experimented and worked hard to make Yaji look cute

For Yaji’s sake…

And then, after over an hour, the completed make-up was this


I wonder if anyone can notice the difference

Yaji became really happyヽ(´ー`)ノ

I was cheerful all day long(*^-^)~

“I’ll also make my hair straight, which I rarely do for concertso(^o^)o”

I started thinking…(lol)

Well…… as a result……

I became soaked in sweat, and was really, really hot…( ̄∇ ̄;) Ahaha

Seeing Yaji and Airi cheerful,
on the way home Hagi-chan said

“Hey Next time let’s try doing Mai’s make-up too

Airi and I said
“Let’s do it, let’s do it” in high spirits

It’s fun

I want to try doing all of the members’ styles

I want to make a complete set

I wonder how much my face will change~

It’s funny

Since we can’t do it without plenty of time, I don’t know when I can do it again,

but I’ll attach more photos next time I do the other members’ make-up styles

On the way home,
everyone ate yakisoba and chahan meal boxes from 551

Yaji also bought banana juice

By the way, everyone had Starbucks

The little bit of caramel steamer Airi gave me was really delicious too

Next time I go to Starbucks, I’m ordering it(^-^)v

Oh my( ̄~ ̄;)
This update became really long


Thank you for reading it

Well then, today I’ll go in high spirits

Until tomorrow

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