Blog update: “First handshake event of the year in Sendai(^-^) 人(^-^)”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 1/24 update, titled “First handshake event of the year in Sendai(^-^) 人(^-^)“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

First, I have a correction to make…
The ski class I wrote about in yesterday’s blog… was 8 years ago

I wrote… 6 years ago…(・・;)

I’d be 18 now, if that were the case

I saw “H.17” on the bottom of the picture, and mistook it for “2007”…

I’m sorry
Yajima is 20-years old(^o^;)

Yesterday I went to Sendai with Nacky and Mai


It’s my first time going to Sendai in awhile…

I thought “A~~h This is what Sendai Station is like“, and started feeling nostalgic as soon as we arrived

We had radio recordings and an interview with Kahoku news…

At night,
we had the release commemoration pre-order & handshake event for “Kono Machi”, our new song coming out on February 6th

First, we talked about the coupling tracks for “Kono Machi”, “Hae Otoko” and “Ame”,

and next was a question corner

When we were asked

“Have you eaten anything delicious in Sendai“,

I declared “I will eat ox tongue tonight“…

Just as I said I would…

I ate it

Ox tongue


As expected of Sendai’s ox tongue

It was really delicious

Not too long ago, I didn’t like ox tongue…

But recently I’ve been able to eat it

I never thought the day would come when I’d think “Delicious” when eating ox tongue…

Even though my stomach hurt from being full, it was so delicious that it was a shame to leave any remaining,

so I ate it a~ll(≧∀≦)

Normally I’m a glutton So recently I put a “eat a normal amount strategy” into action,

but I feel like yesterday’s ox tongue caused my stomach to remember its original capability…

That’s not good…( ̄▽ ̄;)

I’ll do my best again starting today

At the handshake event,
there were really a lot of people we met for the first time

After the handshake event was over,
when we asked “Who here met us for the first time today“,

all at once,

everyone’s hands shot up…

I was surprised by how many there were

I’m sorry we couldn’t come here often until now
I’m happy we could meet…

The smiles of everyone who said things like

“I’ve a~lways wanted to meet you
and “This is my first time seeing you in person“…
I was really happy

And then, there were also a lot of people who came to Sendai specifically for this

For Yaji, yesterday was the first handshake event of 2013…

“As expected, the handshake events where I can hear everyone’s feelings first-hand are fun…
I thought

Those who are saying

“Though I wanted to participate, I couldn’t“…

I hope we can meet at your neighborhood next time…

At any rate, going to Sendai again for the first time in awhile…
It was a really wonderful day

Thank you very much

All 5 members of ℃-ute will come to Sendai on May 6th next time

Yesterday was just a talk event and handshake event,

but next time is a ℃-ute concert

I’ll do my best at the rehearsal for the spring tour too

I hope a lot of people will personally experience a ℃-ute concert


All of ℃-ute has a photoshoot,

and we’ll practice the choreography for “Hae Otoko” o(^-^o)

With the power I got from over-eating yesterday,
I will dance a lot and explode today(・∀・´)

Well then, all the best, everyone

Until tomorrow(^з^)/

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