Blog update: “Fukushima・Sendai(^-^)”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 1/23 update, titled “Fukushima・Sendai(^-^)“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Yesterday, everyone in ℃-ute except for me had a handshake event at Kooriyama in Fukushima

It seems they delivered my feelings to the people of Fukushima too…

I’m grateful

They also had TV and radio appearances, and interviews… Thank you very much for your hard work…

Speaking of Kooriyama…
I stayed there with my mom once when I was a first year student in middle school

There was a Hello! Project concert the day before, and it was the first day of ski lessons in middle school

Our company had a policy of “during compulsory education, school takes priority”,

but for us in ℃-ute, who hadn’t had our major debut yet,

we didn’t have the experience of solo concerts, so the Hello! Project concerts presented an amazing chance…

Therefore, I didn’t want to be absent no matter what…

I asked my manager, and they contacted my school, so I was allowed to appear in the concert

After the concert was over, my mom drove me directly to Fukushima from the place where we all split up

Again, I feel I have to be grateful to a lot of people…

We arrived in Fukushima late at night, and as one would expect, it was too late to meet up with everyone,

so my mom and I stayed overnight in Kooriyama

And then, first thing in the morning on the next day, I got together with everyone and enjoyed ski camp

……Wo~w It brings back a lot of memories

Wh, WHOA Σ(゜д゜!!)
Just now, when I looked at the group picture (←…Since it was taken on the first day of lessons, Yaji doesn’t appear in it), I noticed something surprising…

The date was…
January 23rd 6 years ago… That’s todayΣ(゜□゜;)

What a coincidence

That I stayed the night in Kooriyama that day… 6 years ago today… Yaji was in Fukushima

Fukushima prefecture… I’m much obliged for 6 years ago(lol)

In addition, when I went to Yamagata for the TV Tokyo program “Hello! SATOYAMA Life” last year,

I passed through Kooriyama on the bullet train

I thought “Ah This is where I stayed with mother before” back then too…

It’s unfortunate that I couldn’t go yesterday, but it’s a place packed with memories for me

Yesterday, I had a photoshoot for the play announced several days ago and which will start May 31st, “Taklimakan”

I didn’t meet everyone, but I met the writer & director Hata Takehiko-san, who I worked with on the play “Ran”,

and the “Ran” co-stars and staff for the first time in awhile

I thought “It’ll be a wonderful play(・∀・´)” and got fired-up again

And then, and then
Today, I’m going to Sendai with Nacky and Mai

All of ℃-ute went to Sendai in 2008 when we sang the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles fight song “Koero! Rakuten Eagles”

When we sang “Koero! Rakuten Eagles” in the middle of K-Stadium Miyagi, it was so big that I was really, really nervous

I was really happy that we could sing our song and perform our dance for everyone who came to watch the game

In addition, I got to try being the public announcer for the first time in my life

Watching the game with everyone in ℃-ute is a really, really fun memory tooヾ(^▽^)ノ

I’ve also gone to Sendai for concerts and campaigns

This spring (May 6th) we’ll have a concert in Sendai for the first time in awhile too

I’m really looking forward to it now

Though Airi and Chisato can’t participate today, the 3 of us will deliver those two’s feelings

E~veryone in Sendai
We’re coming to meet you right now
Please wait for us

Well then, all aboa~rd

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